Politics Tue, 12 Aug 2014

Comment: Mr. President, please crack the whip!

The Informer is getting increasingly worried about how some appointees of President John Dramani Mahama are working very hard to crash the image of the Government.

It is very shocking, the dirt that some appointees are hanging around the neck of the President. If the President creates problems for himself, The Informer may stomach it necessarily.

But when appointees create problems for the President, The Informer cannot stomach it one bit!

Last week, two appointees of President John Dramani Mahama were in the news for the wrong reasons and the President must not sleep on the issues.

Mr. President, is it true that Anita De-Sosoo was prevented from flying to the United States because, as Deputy NADMO Coordinator, she flew to the US earlier in the year under the pretext of attending an official conference in New York and ended up in California to have fun?

So is it true that Anita used states funds to fly to the US and went to have just fun, such that, she will be barred from entering the US to bring so much shame to the government?


Also, Presidential Staffer, Stan Dogbe, got himself in an unnecessary tango with IMANI’s Kofi Bentil, and allowed Kofi to refer to him as rapist.

Is it true Stan has a record as a rapist? Mr. President, The Informer is begging you not to allow these gargantuan negative image-destroying allegations to be swept under the carpet.

Mr. President, did we hear that another appointee of yours allowed her husband to publicly dash her a brand new four-wheel drive as a birthday present?

Why was it not done in private? This kind of repugnant opulence must not be condoned.

Mr. President, if you turn Ghana into heaven and your image is destroyed, there is no way you will win the 2016 elections; so please, wake up and crack the whip.

Mr. President, the time to act is NOW! A word to the wise…..

Source: The Informer