Politics Wed, 3 Jul 2019

Dominic Ayine ‘exposes’ DCE for Bolga East

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Bolga East Constituency Dr. Dominic Ayine has hit back at the District Chief Executive (DCE) of the area Reverend Dr. Emmanuel Abolley over attempts to claim credit for government ongoing roads construction project in the district.

Describing the claims of the DCE as erroneous, Dr. Ayine said the construction of roads in the Zuarungu township was due to his efforts and influence when he was in office as the Deputy Attorney General under the Mahama Administration.

The DCE of the newly created district Dr. Emmanuel Abolley in an address at a ceremony over the weekend to mark the 10th anniversary celebration of the chief of Yarigabisi in his reign, suggested that the efforts of the Nana Akufo Addo administration is what has resulted in the construction of drains and bitumen overlay on major streets in the area, a project that is being executed by MyTurn construction Limited.

However, in an interview with journalists on the sidelines of the event, the former Deputy Attorney General in his usual straightforwardness rejected those claims made by the District Chief Executive.

“As you can see the Zuarungu township roads are continuing and I want to correct the erroneous impression that the Chief Executive wanted to give by claiming that the tarring of the roads was as a result of the effort of his government. That is not true. The contract for the township roads [first of all] I lobbied for it. Secondly when it was awarded it included the gutters, it included the bitumen and the tarring of the roads and so it’s a combination of what I initiated” he remarked.

Though he admitted that government is currently supervising the project because governance is a continuous process, Dr. Ayine insisted it was through his lobbying abilities that gave birth to the project and that government cannot claim credit for it.

He further accused the Nana Addo government of stalling many other ongoing projects in the constituency while stating emphatically that the constituency would have by now been significantly transformed if he were still the Deputy Attorney General.

“As you can see a lot of projects littered around but they have decided that they will slow down the progress of everything including the market, including the library and including the electrification because they think that if they are completed I will take the credit. But for me the most important thing is for the people of Bolga East to benefit from all those projects” he added.

Source: mynewsgh.com