Politics Mon, 25 Apr 2005

Don?t Blame Media & Security

... For Dismal Performance In Asawase Polls
The NDC has described as unfortunate the NPP?s attempt to discredit the role of the police and the media in the success of the Asawase bye-election.

The party says but for the security agencies, the media and the vigilance of its own monitoring team, the NPP would have rigged Thursday?s polls.

Addressing a press conference in Kumasi, Acting general secretary of the NDC, Biede Ziedeng condemned isolated incidence of violence recorded during the process describing as most unfortunate, the NPP national chairman?s attempt to justify unprovoked assault on pressmen by some party followers and some soldiers.

The NPP chairman, Haruna Esseku accused the police and the media of what he termed as the NDC?s communist inspired practice. He says while their monitors were arrested for violent act, those of the NDC were left off the hook.


But Mr. Ziedeng says the security agencies and the media displayed a greater level of professionalism in their work.

? I am completely disappointed with Mr. Haruna Esseku, he has no idea as to what is happening in the constituency. Today the media is becoming more discerning and objective, and are prepared to analyze issues more objectively and I think the media will expose the NPP. Is he saying the Media, police and the military are not professionals, how can he insult the intelligence of everybody," he asks.

Mr. Ziedeng says the NPP is to blame for the violence recorded on Thursday. He told journalists that the NDC has a video recording of acts of violence perpetuated by NPP thugs.

?After they lost the elections and their modus operandis had been exposed they quickly rushed to the Press to paint a wrong picture. In any case we have got evidence on tape of what they did during the period. I was a subjected to attacks by NPP thugs and hooligans?? he says.

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