Dr. Grace Ayensu- Dankwa promises to deliver Essikado-Ketan seat for NDC

Dr Grace Ayensu Dankwa Dr Grace Ayensu-Dankwa

Tue, 21 Jan 2020 Source: ghananewsagency.org

Dr Grace Ayensu-Dankwa, an Internationally Recognised Burns Surgeon has stressed the need for the constituents of Essikado-Ketan to carefully think through their decision by giving her the parliamentary mandate to lead and uplift their socio-economic status.

Currently, a lecturer at the University of Cape Coast Medical School and vying for the seat on the Ticket of the National Democratic Congress in the area said 16 years under the current parliamentarian was to the disadvantage of the constituents.

She told a cross-section of the Western Media that, “I have personally visited most of the towns within the constituency and there is nothing to show for the District Assembly Common Fund and other statutory allocations the current Parliamentarian collected over the period.

"We are losing lots of things in the name of partisan politics and development...if you are elected, you are elected to serve all and not a section of the society, we only make one side poor and the other rich in our Ghanaian politics.

In America, where I spent most of my life, politics is different, whether Democrat or Republican, your trash is picked every morning, development happens to everyone and not those in power", she added.

Dr. Ayensu-Dankwa said it was time the Essikado-Ketan constituency was rescued from total ineffectiveness..."I am a surgeon and I believe that any defect in any part of the body must be dealt with to avoid spread and total destruction."

She said even Presidents had eight year term non-renewable and so must be the case for members of Parliament to enable them to effectively contribute to the needs of their constituents.

Dr. Ayensu-Dankwa said if given the nod to lead the constituency in the 2020 general election, she would lobby and work to ensure that access to socio-economic needs were distributed fairly.

Source: ghananewsagency.org
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