Politics Wed, 31 Dec 2008

EC Strong Room Fracas..Eye witness Account

Eye witness account of bodacious attempt to change polling results that had been previously collated and certified at the district level, was put in motion. Let me to explain into some detail what exactly we are talking about here. At the constituency level when votes are counted and collated, the party representatives present are required to append their signature signaling that they certify the results to be accurate.

These certified results are countersigned by the electoral commission official present. The final document is faxed to the EC strong room in Accra. So if you were listening to radio or on the web last night, these certified results were the ones being reported, and it is the winner of this tally who becomes president. Here is where NPP's bodacious attempt to steal the election this afternoon came in. One Kennedy Agyepong, a an NPP MP, appeared at the Electoral Commission's strong room this. By the time he left, one EC official was attempting to change certified Ashanti Region voter figures; figures which had been certified and reported late last night. And when NDC monitoring officials questioned what the official was doing, he responded that the new figures were corrected ones from Ashanti Region; figures not certified by EC personnel at the district level and figures carried into EC headquarters by an NPP MP. And the new figures were all significantly higher than the previously certified ones that were reported to the public earlier.

Trouble and pandemonium ensued at the EC headquarters. The brazen and incredible aspect of this daylight robbery was the fact that NPP attempted to conduct this illegality in the full view of tens of NDC and NPP officials at no other venue than the Electoral commission's strong room. A very bold attempt indeed.

Source: Eye witness