Politics Tue, 29 Mar 2016

‘ECG prepaid meters are as sick as NDC’ - Atiapah III

Nene Kanor Atiapah III, the Acting President of the Ningo Traditional Area, says President John Dramani Mahama is indifferent about the plight of Ghanaians, who are facing untold hardship.

He stated categorically that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) was unwilling to address the concerns of Ghanaians.

The chief said the NDC government and the prepaid meters installed in various homes and institutions by the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) were similar, saying “The ECG prepaid meters are as sick as NDC government.”

Mankralo of Ningo Traditional Area was of the view that the prepaid meters are money-sucking equipment, which have worsened the plight of Ghanaians.

He said he was against the installation of prepaid meters by ECG personnel in Ningo.

Nene Atiapah III, in an interview with DAILY GUIDE, said he boldly drove away two ECG personnel who were in his house to install a prepaid meter.

According to him, “If the government and the ECG do not understand why I boldly disallowed the installation of the prepaid meter in my house, they can come and disconnect my house from the national grid. I’m ready to revert to the use of hurricane lamps.”

“My people in this traditional area are poor farmers and fishermen and they hardly make ends meet and so if I allow ECG to come and install their corrupt prepaid meters my people will not get money to buy credit to reload them.

“I want to tell the ECG and government to leave my people alone to enjoy their post-paid meters.”

Acting President of the Ningo Traditional Area was unhappy with the long queues that customers sometimes form in order to purchase credit for the meters.

“Is it not so crazy that other times, too, when you go to buy the credit, the vendor tells you that the network is down? Must a customer sleep in darkness or be deprived of electricity to operate their business because of some ‘useless’ network failure? I maintain that the prepaid meters are as sick as this government,” Nene Atiapah III observed.

According to him, “When a political party also fails to do the proper thing by listening to the cries of the people, we will rise and vote that government too out. We, the citizenry, have power vested in our thumbs and we must use it sensibly on November 7 when we go to the polls.”

Source: dailyguideafrica.com