Politics Wed, 20 Jun 2012

ER Cadres pledges support to President Mills

Cadres in Eastern Region have pledged their unflinching support to President John Evans Atta Mills and Vice President John Mahama.

“We irrevocably support and are fully committed to the democratic decision of the Sunyani Congress that overwhelmingly endorsed a second term for President Mills,” they said.

This was contained in a statement issued in Koforidua on Tuesday by Mr. R.K. Ansong, Chairman and Mr. Kwasi Opare, Secretary of the United Cadre Front, and copied to the Ghana News Agency.

The statement was issued to commemorate the Committee for the Defence of the Revolution (CDR) day, which fell on June 19 in memory of the gallant cadres who risked their lives to defend the December 31 Revolution.

It said the labour and toil of cadres would never be in vain and that surely the country would blossom and become a mighty Nation.

The statement stated that as Cadres, their loyalty goes first and foremost to the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and its leadership.


“To us, the NDC party is still supreme”.

The statement called on all Cadres and the party to close their ranks, stand united, intensify and continue to re-connect and remain with the grassroots since they form the support base of the NDC.

“We salute, once again, all the gallant men and women whose collective sacrifices ensured the success of the 1979 June Uprising, June 19th quelling of a rebellion by cadres and the December 31 Revolution, more importantly the party’s victory in the 2008 elections”.

The statement recommends that the NDC government led by President Mills continued to remain focus, never to get distracted in any way in order to succeed in building a Better Ghana, which required the total commitment of all irrespective of rank, or status in life.

It called for all hatchets to be buried whilst unity is sought for victory in the December polls.**

Source: GNA