Edmund Delle, Ivor Greenstreet have collapsed CPP – Group

DELLE GREENSTREET1 Chairman of the CPP, Prof. Edmund Delle and flagbearer of the CPP, Ivor Greenstreet.

Thu, 23 Mar 2017 Source: classfmonline.com

A group of concerned constituency executives of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) in the Volta Region has described its 2016 flag bearer, Ivor Greenstreet and party chairman Prof Edmund Delle as the “most dishonest, corrupt, incompetent, lazy and dysfunctional leadership in the history of CPP”.

According to the group, Prof Delle is running the party like a private organisation and has failed to organise any meeting to diagnose the reasons for the party’s loss in the 2016 elections.

Mr Greestreet was not left out of criticisms by the group, which indicated: “The presidential candidate of the CPP for the 2016 general elections has killed the CPP and is talking about a post mortem (talking about how dead the CPP has been under his leadership as presidential candidate). We are referring here to Ivor Kobina Greenstreet.”

They, therefore, demanded the immediate resignation of all the national officers of the party for “failing them” and questioned the suspension of the General Secretary and Youth Organiser whom, they said, had been replaced with bootlickers and praise singers.

Read the full statement below:



Justice Within! The state of the CPP under Delle/Greenstreet administration must be overhauled. This is the time for the Old Man Prof Edmund Delle and his cabal to say goodbye to the CPP. They are the most dishonest, incompetent, lazy and dysfunctional leadership ever in the history of CPP.

Our Party, the Convention People's Party (CPP), since the overthrow of the founder has never experienced misfortune, abysmal performance than under the rotten Leadership of Prof. Edmund Delle.

It has been four months after our defeat at the polls, Edmund Delle has failed to convey a single meeting to talk about what went wrong. Knowing what he and Mr Greenstreet have done to the Party, they chose instead to hold a press conference to celebrate their mediocrity as they sung praises to themselves for our huge failure in the elections.

The presidential candidate of the CPP for the 2016 general elections have killed the CPP and is talking about a post mortem (talking about how dead the CPP has been under his leadership as a Presidential Candidate). We are referring here Ivor Kobina Greenstreet.

Today the CPP has been reduced to a fun club without any political relevance except to the monetary benefit to Delle and Mr Greenstreet who always are ready to do the bid of the highest pay masters between the NDC and NPP.

He is currently running the party like his Rabito Clinic with divide and rule tactics based on poverty and tribalism where the Party never did any transaction through its accounts during the elections.

Appointments in the CPP are done based on nepotism, tribalism and familiarity, and the person who can lick the boots of Prof Delle and Greenstreet gets rewarded while competence, proven track record of delivery and party loyalty is relegated to the backstage.

Before the elections of Prof Edmund Delle in 2015 at Sunyani congress, promised to unite the party and make sure that he brought back old members that have left the CPP. Where are the members he promised to bring back? Clearly this is a failed promise. Where was the former Aide to Prof Edmund Delle, Opoku Frederick? He has now joined the NPP and branded Prof Delle and his cabal as game players who use the party as a way of making money. Where is Isaac Dadzie, former Secretary to Ivor Kobina Greendtreet? He left in the middle of the campaign and joined the NPP because he saw Ivor Kobina Greenstreet and his team as corrupt and a bunch of time wasters who are in just to make money.

Prof Edmund Delle promised to ensure harmony and peace within his executives. What we saw was how he treated and suspended the elected General Secretary and the National Youth Organiser and gave that position to people who will lick his boots and agree to be his slaves and kowtow to him.

He promised to win more seats for CPP and made a promise of 5 seats to be specific. As I am speaking to you now, he sold the ONLY Seat the CPP have to the NDC and collected an award from their candidate who was then the coordinator of NYA.

He has never given any allowance to the party communicators yet he got money to pay his Aides whose job is to sit on CPP Platform to insult noble party men and women because they refused to be slaves to Prof Edmund Delle.

He is currently running the party like his Rabito Clinic with divide and rule tactics.

Strangely and funny enough, young men like Yabaaba Dawud will be seen defending those thieves on CPP Platforms when he knew he is doing the wrong thing and yet he can betray his conscience and cover up for these people who sold this party and even never give him a pesewa. Were you also paid by the NDC and NPP to kill our party like your masters, Prof Delle, Hajia Hamdatu and DoC Kadri did? Tell us how much you were paid to do so?

Last year, around this time, there was a vibrant CPP Youth wing led by Ernesto Yeboah who was preparing for the League for a nationwide demonstration to further mount pressure on President John Mahama to release the CPP assets, a year later what is the dysfunctional, incompetent and ineffective so-called Acting National Youth Organiser, Nabila Alhassan doing?

You disappointed the youth with your legendary incompetence.

The only competence you Nabila got is to lick the boots of the National Chairman and Leader who is the King of incompetence and his First National Vice Chairman, hypocrite Hajia Hamdatu who the National Women's Organiser accused daily of stealing her letters and attending her programs.

Hajia Hamdatu Ibrahim (the Vice Chairperson) and Kadri Rauf (the Communications Director) have usurped the powers of the National Women's Organiser and the General Secretary. The Party is now run from the library room of the Presidential candidate at his residence in East Legon. Posterity will judge them.

We the concerned constituency executives of the Volta Region believe it is time for Prof Edmund Delle and his cabal to resign now!


Sosu Jasper Mensah John Enoch Donkor Sakpa

Source: classfmonline.com
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