Politics Tue, 14 May 2019

Edmund Kyei replies Mahama in an explosive article

Immediately after 2016 election, deputy director of communication for the electoral Commission Mr Yusif Ayuba said their system suffered some breakdown it could not have been hacked into.

But I’m wondering how Mahama still thinking the election result was hacked.

The results that transpired in 2016 elections was the voice of the people. Ghanaian were angry because of the numerous corruption practices within Mahama’s government, SADA and GYEEDA were typical example of the corruption cases that got most Ghanaians furious.

The most shocking one was Afriyie Ankrah’s Brazil saga, where ex president Mahama gave him another portfolio at the presidency.

I want ex president Mahama to wake up from his slumber because the ordinary Ghanaian is enjoying the FREE SHS policy, reduction of taxes at the port, reduction of electricity tariff, more factories are springing up through one district one factory and many more.

Every political party has it’s agent present at all polling stations when manual counting were ongoing so if there were any rigging they could have detected it straight away because what was collated was same transmitted electronically.

How can the Electoral Commission’s Chairperson Charlotte Osei allow such rigging (over 1million votes) under her watch. Mahama should stop dreaming.

…. signed….

Edmund Kyei

Asokwa 1st Vice Chairman

NPP Communication Member

Source: asempanews.com