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Egos curtail efforts for a united Nkrumahist front

Egos curtail efforts for a united Nkrumahist front ­ Bernard Mornah

The General Secretary of the People¹s National Convention, (PNC) Bernard Mornah has indicated his preparedness to work for a one united Nkrumahist front.

There have been calls for the two main Nkrumahist parties, the Convention People¹s Party (CPP) and the People¹s National Convention (PNC) to merge together as one united front to become a credible alternative to Ghana¹s duo-politics of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

In an interview with Xfm, an Accra based private commercial radio station; Mr Mornah described the calls for unity as apt, appropriate and timely and pledged his support in working hard to achieve it. ³If I were the only one in this enterprise, I would have assure you that, tomorrow you will see me with Ivor Green street as General Secretaries of the PNC and CPP, join hands and moving on the streets of Ghana announcing to people a dawn of a new Nkrumahist front that will lead the people of Ghana out of our current want,² Mr Mornah said, revealing how passionate he feels about the two parties coming together as one.

So far both the PNC and CPP have held separate meetings to declare their wish for unity, but very little is seen done in achieving it.


Mr Mornah will attribute the delay to individual egos, emotions and what he calls issues of trivialities.

However, he was quick to add that the merger will not be achieved on a silver platter. He said even though these are matters that come up in every negotiation, leaders of the two parties should be able to work out their differences and trivialities as both parties will need everybody involved adding that ³compromises must be made in order to carry on board all other interests.²

On the performance of the People¹s National Convention in general elections, Mr Mornah said the voting trend of the party keeps dwindling as the years go by. Using the Atiwa constituency as a case study, he said the party had 1.7 per cent of total votes cast in 2004 but the percentage has since recorded a downward trend to 0.35 during the last by-election, stressing that this ³certainly will lead the party to oblivion if it continues.² He said this is the more reason why the party needs to unite. This notwithstanding, Mr Mornah said as a member of the party, he will abide by whatever decision the party will reach even if it does not favour him. ³As a member of the party, I am guided by its discipline. And so whatever decision the party takes, irrespective of my stance on the issue, I am bided by it. I¹ll only be devastated that we are unable to do what is appropriate,² Mr Mornah said.

Abena Asiedua Tenkorang/ Robert Israel, XFM

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