Former NUGS President to contest Defense Minister in Bimbila NPP Primaries

Sat, 13 Apr 2019 Source: savannanews24.com

Savannanews24.com investigations within the Bimbila Constituency has revealed that a former NUGS President, Mr. Luqman Abubakari will contest the Defense Minister, Mr. Dominic Nitiwul in the upcoming NPP parliamentary primaries to run for parliamentary elections in 2020.

Savannanews24.com have gathered that the former NUGS President have nurtured his political ambition to represent the people of Bimbila for some time now, a seat occupied by the Defense Minister, Mr. Nitiwul since 2008.

Though the NPP is yet to come out with guidelines for the 2019 parliamentary primaries, however several party youth in the Bimbila constituency are vigorously campaigning for the former Student leader.

The NPP in November 2018, cautioned all interested people wishing to contest the 2019 parliamentary primaries to run as parliamentary candidates in the 2020 elections not to rock the boat by unduly upstaging incumbent Members of Parliament.

Anybody interested in the primaries, according to a statement signed by the general secretary of the party, John Boadu, must fall in step with the official guidelines and set an example of discipline while they wait patiently for the rules to unfold.

Popularly known as Alukus, Mr. Luqman before NPP’s directive was able to garner more support base among the rank and file of the party after crisscrossing the constituency with his intentions to contest the Bimbila seat.

Some former constituency executives and leading members of the party have since endorsed the candidature of the former NUGS President, whom they claimed will be a perfect replacement for the incumbent Member of Parliament for the area, Hon Dominic Nitiwul.

“He is a very good gentleman and he is very qualified to represent this constituency. He is still young though but I think he will be a great parliamentarian for the people of Bimbila”. A leading member of the party said.

The NPP Communications Director for the Bimbila Constituency, Mr. Sayibu Abdul Malik said, the party encourages healthy competition thus the former NUGS President and member of the regional communication team is welcome to contest the NPP Bimbila parliamentary primaries.

“Our party strive on competition, so anybody …once you are a member of the constituency or a member of the party and you have the locus to contest, you are at liberty to contest …I am not aware Luqman is going to contest, I am not even aware if anybody has declared his intentions not even the sitting MP but if anybody decides to contest why not, we are in a democracy dispensation and our party strive on democracy and competition if anybody wants to contest once the person qualify nothing stops him from contesting”. Mr. Sayibu said

Dominc Aduna Bingab Nitiwul won the Bimbila seat through a by-election on 14 March 2002 on the ticket of the NPP, after Mohamed Ibn Chambas an NDC MP had vacated the Bimbila seat to take up his new job as the Executive Secretary of the Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS).

Mr. Nitiwul won the by-election with 16,658 votes representing 62.0% against NDC’s candidate, Mohammed Ibn Abass 9,037 (33, 6%).

In 2004 elections, Mr. Dominic Nitiwul lose the parliamentary elections with less than 3000 votes to his main contender, Mr. Mohammed Ibn Abass of the NDC who won with 19,577 (51.9%) against Nitiwul’s 15,791 (41.9).

Mr. Dominic Nitiwul in the 2008 election won the parliamentary seat for the NPP and again won the 2012 and 2016 elections making him the longest-serving MP for the people of Bimbila constituency.

The overwhelming endorsement of Mr. Nitiwul to represent the people of Bimbila constituency in the Ghanaian parliament in the last three elections makes Bimbila a strong-hold of the NPP after the exit of Dr. Mohamed Ibn Chambas.

Despite the dominance of the NPP in the Bimbila constituency many party big wigs believed there is the need to consolidate the ideals of the party by encouraging healthy competition to avoid complacency.

“The party is currently doing well, we are solid but we cannot allow complacency to set in. So in order to avoid this we must encourage the youth to aspire for positions including running for MP ship. I think people should come out and contest the incumbent MP. So if Luqman is coming to contest Nitiwul… we will all encourage him… he is qualify to run for that position”. A former Constituency executive on anonymity said

Meanwhile, Mr. Luqman Abubakari in an interview said, he will soon made his intentions publicly to the good people of Bimbila constituency, saying that, he is currently abiding the party’s directive not to campaign until an official announcement for the 2019 NPP parliamentary primaries.

According to the former National NUGS President, there have been several calls from the constituents to contest the NPP primaries but will make known his intentions when nominations to contest the NPP primaries opens.

“I have always inspires my people in the best way I can and I am always ready to serve them”. He said

About Luqman Ababakari

Luqman Abubakari former National NUGS President of Ghana 2016-17

CEO of Think Ghana –NGO

Formerly at NEIP- office of the President

Former, worker of the community life improvement project CLIP-Interns

Former Treasurer, Communication Students Association of Ghana (COMSAG-UDS and former Deputy Communication director of TESCON-UDS

Member of the constitutional review team

Member of planning committee, university students Association of Ghana (USAG)

Member of the Northern Regional Communication team of the NPP

Source: savannanews24.com