Gonjaland has seven districts, not four - GLYA PRO jab Citifm's reporter

Mahama Haruna.jpeg Mahama Haruna, PRO of Gonjaland Youth Associatio

Fri, 24 Nov 2017 Source: ananpansah .b. abraham

The PRO of Gonjaland Youth Association(GLYA),Mr. Mahama Haruna has described as factually inaccurate report by Citifm's Northern Regional Correspondent, Abdul-Karim Naatogmah on the number of Districts in Gonjaland in the ongoing case being made for the creation of a new region out of the Northern Region.

In the said report,Abdul Karim Naatogmah disclosed that Gonjaland currently has four(4) Districts with a paramancy at Damongo. He made these comments on Citi Eyewitness News whilst conveying the grievances of the chiefs and youth of Eastern Corridor over their exclusion from the ongoing siting of the Justice Steven Brobbey's Commission of inquiry on the creation of new regions.

He said,"Let me begin with by giving you the topography of the Northern Region in terms of the traditional blocks.The Region traditionally is divided into four paramountcies comprising Dagbon, Yagbon (Gonjaland), Nanum (Bimbilla and Wulensi put together) and Mamprusi Moagdori. Gonjaland has 4 Districts thus West Gonja with Damongo as the District capital, East Gonja with Salaga as the District capital and Bole-Bamboi and also Kpandai...".

These comments by the reporter immediately saw the youth of Gonjaland taken him to the cleaners with many accusing him of deliberating attempting to conceal the facts.

But in a sharp rebuttal,the PRO of Gonjaland Youth Association in a statement has said that,even though many are convinced the reporter deliberately intended to mislead the people,he feels it could be a genuine mistake. According to him,the said report should be taken with a pinch of salt as Gonjaland currently has seven(7) Districts and eight(8) constituencies and not four(4) Districts as reported.

"The fact is Gonjaland in the Northern Region has 7 Districts and 8 Constituencies. Many people from Gonjaland are therefore calling for a presss release or press conference from the Gonjaland Youth Association to correct what the Citi Fm report.

Many have said a first year student of journalism should not make such a mistake not to talk of a seasoned and popular journalist like Abdul- Karim Naatogmah.

Even though many are convinced it is a deliberate attempt by Mr Naatogmah to mislead people, I feel it could be a genuine mistake".The PRO has said.

The PRO has joined the many to call on Abdul-Karim Naatogmah to always research before making pronouncement on the issue of creation of new regions.

Find below the districts and constituencies in Gonjaland as outlined by the PRO of Gonjaland Youth Association:

The Districts and Constituencies in Gonjaland are: 1. Bole (Bole- Bamboi Constitiency) 2. Sawla- Tuna- Kalba (Sawla- Tuna- Kalba constituency) 3. West Gonja (Damongo Constituency) 4. Central Gonja (Yapei-Kusawgu constituency) 5. North Gonja (Daboya Mankarigu Constituency) 6. East Gonja (Salaga South and Salaga North constituencies). 7. Kpandai (Kpandai constituency)

It is noteworthy that the East Gonja District would be elevated to a Municipal status and there are petitions for the division of the Bole,Sawla-Tuna-Kalba,Central Gonja and East Gonja Districts of Gonjaland.

Source: ananpansah .b. abraham