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‘I will lead NPP to break 8-year political cycle’ – NADMO Director

The Greater Accra National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) Director and candidate for Greater Accra New Patriotic Party (NPP) Chairmanship position, Archibald Cobbina, has promised to position the party to break the eight -year political cycle between the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and his party..

Mr Cobbina, who is currently the Greater Accra Regional Organiser, said he will lead the charge to build an election winning machinery in Greater Accra, which will aid the party to win election beyond eight years.

Speaking in an interview with Atinkaonline on the back of the party's upcoming Regional Executive Elections, Mr. Cobbina indicated that his aspiration and vision for the party are mostly motivated by the willingness to help support the teaming Ghanaian youth get good jobs.

According to him, when he wins the chairmanship slot, he will promote and maintain healthy working relationships at all levels of authorities within the party in order to help members give out their best for the party . Mr Cobbinah believes communication is key and will therefore ensure all members have the freedom to share information within the party.


Mr. Cobbinah stated that, it is no more news to the party of his selflessness, hard work, dedication, practical inputs in the quest to national development and that these qualities are needed right now for the overall success of the party.

Having worked closely with the rank and file of the party for a very long time, he believes he is the right and competent person for the job.

The NADMO boss said he would work effortlessly to lift the people at the grassroots, the youth from the ward levels unto the frontline of events in the party’s organization and development when he becomes chairman.

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