Politics Wed, 12 Nov 2014

I will make NPP defunct in Greater Accra- Stephen Akwetey

The frontrunner for the chairmanship of the Greater Accra NDC, Mr. Stephen Akwetey has sent a strong message yet to the NPP that, Greater Accra will become another waterloo for the opposition party if the party dare expend their time and resources in seeking the mandate of the people in the region come 2016. Mr. Akwetey stressed that when elected, the strategic plans he has set out for the region will not only bring economic benefits for the people but also help government achieve the better Ghana Agenda thereby ensuring the NPP has no business in the region. Mr. Stephen Akwetey who was speaking to journalist at the Youth delegates congress of the Greater Accra NDC call on the party youth to put aside individual differences after their elections and to forge ahead in unity in order to build a strong grassroot structure for the party. The aspiring regional chairman said, factionalism only tend to give the opposition an extra edge and it will be suicidal for the party to engage in any internal conflicts which will give advantage to the NPP in 2016. "We shall fail our generation, if we as social democrats allow an NPP government to come again and grab all the properties that we fought for as a country". According to Mr. Akwetey, Ghanaians should be reminded of the previous NPP regime under John Kuffour when ministers and other party functionaries grab government buildings, lands, vehicles and even furniture and room appliances from government bungalows. " My leadership will ensure that just as in the Volta region and in the three Northern regions, Greater Accra will be uncomfortable for NPP to expend their time to campaign. I will unite with all other aspirants to build a strong team for the good of our party" he said. He also assured delegates that when elected, the region will roll-up several entrepreneurship programs and initiatives in order to create job opportunities in the region arguing that government cannot great jobs for everybody. " We have to supplement government efforts by creating jobs through entrepreneurship and community-based self-help projects", Mr. Akwetey affirmed.

The former constituency chairman for Krowor, is currently expected by many within the NDC to win massively in the Greater Accra regional elections on November 15 as the incumbent Ade Coker's unpopularity has reached an unprecedented low. Meanwhile, information gathered from within the NDC leadership also has it that, Mr. Daniel Amartey- Mensah is likely to be disqualified as the party is yet to clear him due to series of corruption allegations leveled against him by his constituents. With Nii Tackie Commey also withdrawing his chairmanship-bid, the contest is now centered on the incumbent Mr. Ade Coker , Henry Manly-Spain and Stephen Akwetey, a party cadre and former Board Member of Accra Hearts of Oak . Reports also filtered in that, Mr. Nii Tackie Commey has declared his support for Stephen Akwetey with Daniel Amartey waiting to also throw his support pending the outcome of the petition against his bid.

According to sources close to Mr. Tackie Commey, his motivation to contest the chairmanship race is to remove the incompetently self-seeking leadership of Ade Coker, hence it is only appropriate to support Mr. Stephen Akwetey who shares with him the vision of the party- to strengthen the party structures and to make the party attractive in the region. Meanwhile, the embattled chairman Mr. Ade Coker is praying the party delegates to give him another chance to clean the mess and to now seek the interest and agenda of the party. Responding to allegations he imported rotten chicken to sell in Ghana two years ago, Mr. Henry Manly-Spain asked delegates to focus attention on the elections and not to dwell on what he considered a bad-judgment on his part at the time. Mr. Manly Spain who once managed the Bukum Banku also hit hard that, it was based on unprofessional conducts of the boxer that led to their separation. Cross-section of the NDC delegates have consistently questioned Mr. Manly Spain's readiness and management credibility to lead the NDC in the region when he could not manage Bukum Banku.

Source: The Informer