I won’t lobby presidency for board chairmanship – Abodakpe

Daniel  Abodakpi New

Thu, 28 Aug 2014 Source: The Republic

One of NDC’s National Chairmanship aspirants, former Ghana’s Ambassador to Malaysia, Mr. Dan Korsi Abodakpe, has lamented that it is improper for any national chairman of a political party like the NDC interested in positions in the government.

Mr. Korsi Abodakpe, who was also former Minister of Trade and Industry, told National Democratic Congress (NDC) Cadres in Accra over the weekend that a chairman who results to lobbying to make the list of Board Chairmanship of state agencies should bow in shame because the act is demeaning.

In an interview with The Republic Newspaper, the former Ambassador refused to disclose which of the NDC national chairmen was involved in such demeaning act, but he was quick to add that when given the nod, he would set standards; serve the people and to reconnect the party to the grassroot.

He also promised that when given the nod, he will make sure to end the era of people springing from nowhere to compete and wrestle positions from people who toiled to put the party in power.

Such people, he alleged, after given the appointments, try to enrich themselves and turn away party people who struggled with the party at the grassroots level.

Mr. Dan Abodakpe also took a swipe at government communicators. He told the Cadres that due to their failure (communicators) to communicate effectively, President John Dramani Mahama has been explaining issues that he ought not to explain.

Source: The Republic