John today, John tomorrow, John forever – Trinity Fun Club

Sun, 11 Aug 2013 Source: Christabel Amponsah

A group based in James Town in the Odododiodioo constituency in Accra has called on Ghanaians to rally behind President John Dramani Mahama to ensure the realisation of the Better Ghana Agenda.

According to the group, the victory of John Mahama in the December 2012 elections was divinely inspired since God wanted a third John (Trinity) to lead the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to a resounding victory.

Speaking at their weekly meeting at the Accra Royal School in James Town, the Chairperson of the group, Ms Faustina Baah, observed that children also played a major role for President Mahama’s election victory.

She said children virtually took over John Mahama’s campaign slogans in an infectious manner that adults could not resist voting for him. Ms Baah further stated that God loves what children love and that explains why President Mahama used 39 days to campaign to win the elections “one touch”.

Ms Baah said God is guarding and protecting President Mahama, so will, the Supreme Court judges rule in his favour to fulfil God’s will.

Explaining the meaning of their slogan: "John today, John tomorrow, John forever," she said they chose the slogan during the campaign to indicate their confidence in President Mahama and the NDC, who they believe is the better person to rule Ghana now. They trust that he can deliver the Better Ghana Agenda for Ghanaians and, therefore, they will forever give him the necessary support.

The club is, therefore, calling on Ghanaians to remain resolute and not allow anybody to use them for his own ambitions. They said violence is not the panacea to Ghana’s social and economic challenges.

The group commended President Mahama for remaining focused in addressing the challenges facing the country. They urged him to continue his hard work, for posterity is on his side.

The group, however, expressed disappointment in some civil society groups, religious and opinion leaders, who know the perpetrators of violence in this country, yet they fear to confront them but create the impression that all Ghanaians are violence prone.

According to the group, if indeed those calling for peace after the Supreme Court verdict are sincere, then they should hold the bull by the horns and stop pretending as though they don’t know the guilty party.

Source: Christabel Amponsah