Politics Thu, 27 Nov 2014

Kwabena Adjei presses alarm button

The National Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Dr. Kwabena Adjei has pressed an alarm button over how the obscene use of money by some moneybags in the party could affect the integrity of the forthcoming congress scheduled for Kumasi next month.

In a statement dated 23rd November 2014, he isolated instances of undemocratic conduct by some nouveau rich contestants, behavior which he noted could result in fallout worse than what played out during the infamous Koforidua Congress in 2005.

He noted “the situation is anticipated to be even worse than what happened in Koforidua in 2005 if what I pick from the grapevine has any atom of truth.”

He sneered at persons who did not contribute to the grassroot operations of the party but are able to use money so they can influence the outcome of the pending congress, adding “let us avoid this tactic because it has the potential of annihilating great NDC within the shortest possible time.”

Whosoever in his or her desperation for power is orchestrating these alleged diabolical plans is making a fatal political mistake, and should desist from actualizing it in the supreme interest of the party and state. The monkey-de-work-baboon-de-chop political disorder must stop! It must stop now to save the NDC from disintegration and total destruction,” he observed.

Delegates, he said, should take note that the NDC is not for sale to the highest bidder, a fact they must appreciate to ensure that the party stays robust.

The Kumasi event scheduled for 13-14th December will be characterized by the consideration of the party’s constitutional amendments.

He said the party, under his stewardship, has seen the evolution of sustainable conventions and applicable rules of appropriate ethical conduct.

The magic of the NDC, according to him, is under threat by over-ambitious persons.

He noted that over-ambitious craze for leadership could reverse or obliterate the history and currency of the enviable record of the party.

To keep the NDC on a survival course, he counseled party members not to bring, display or distribute money and other items that are intended to influence delegates before and during the National Congress.

NDC members, he went on, should avoid stirring up hatred or violence using the services of the so-called macho men on congress grounds and to avoid hooting or embarrassing any congress candidate, delegate or elder at the congress grounds.

The Koforidua Congress of the NDC was characterized by wanton violence perpetrated by hired hoodlums said to have been bused from some parts of the country for the purpose of unleashing mayhem.

It has gone down in the political history of Ghana as the worse in recent times.

Source: Daily Guide