Politics Fri, 9 Oct 2015

‘Leave C.K. Eleblu Alone’

National Democratic Congress (NDC) foot-soldiers together with branch chairmen and executives in North Tongu Constituency have jumped to the defence of an aspiring parliamentary candidate of the area, Mr. Christopher Kofi Eleblu,who together with his supporters, have been accused by North Tongu constituency executives of creating tension during the recently organised Biometric Voters Registration (BVR) of the NDC members.

The Chronicle newspaper in its Wednesday, October 7, 2015 edition attributed such a claim to the Chairman of the North Tongu Constituency, Mr. Moses Amenudor, who stated categorically that: “the registration forms were brought to the party members by one of the aspiring candidates, Mr. Eleblu, without informing the constituency executives, which he stressed was against the party’s rules and regulations.”

In that report, Mr. Amenudor explained that all the BVR forms that were given out through the North Tongu constituency office in Juapong were all stamped, therefore, other BVR forms that were equally filled without the stamps were regarded as foreign materials, arguing how an aspiring candidate who is contesting can provide forms for people to fill.

But in a quick rebuttal, some angry NDC foot-soldiers led by three branch Secretaries namely—Richard C. Amansunu (Secretary Podoe Branch), Mr. Daniel Kpeglo (Secretary Sokpekofe Branch) and Mr. Seth Dzam (Adexoto branch)—have stressed that they are not happy at the turn of events “because Mr. Eleblu can never do what he has been accused of doing.”

Speaking in an interview with Today to set the records straight on the matter, Chairman for the Concerned branch Chairmen of North Tongu constituency of the NDC, Mr. Seth Dzam, said: “We are not happy at all because we know Mr. Eleblu is honest and incorruptible; he has been so truthful to the country that it is painful that this is how North Tongu constituency executives led by Mr. Amenudor are rewarding him.”

“We are sad because the North Tongu constituency executives who are currently campaigning for one parliamentary candidate to win on Saturday, November 7, 2015 parliamentary primaries are calling Mr. Eleblu all sorts of names, accusing him of bringingBiometric Voters Register forms to some electoral areas in the constituency to register people to become certified members of the NDC so that they can vote on Saturday, November 7, 2015 primaries and in fact we are sad; please tell North Tongu constituency executives to leave Mr. Eleblu alone,” he noted.

Giving an overview of the raging controversy which characterised the recently organised BVR exercise in North Tongu, Mr. Dzam pointed out that since they started the biometric voters registration in the constituency, there had not been any evidence of no transparency in the process.

He lamented that within the same period they had information that the constituency executives were secretly registering members who they felt would vote for the candidate that they (the executives) support.

Additionally, Mr. Dzam said when the constituency executives informed them that the BVR forms were finished, they became suspicious which was proven by an alleged secret registration currently going on in the area.

According to him, they sent a four-member delegation to the national headquarters of the NDC in Accra where BVR forms were given to them to enable them register and participate in the upcoming presidential and parliamentary primaries of the party in the area.

Source: Today Newspaper