Politics Sat, 7 Jul 2012

Machomen resolve tto protect lives and properties during elections

Nana Kwabena Boakye, Founder of the Macho Men for Good and Justice, an association of macho men, on Saturday called on body builders (Macho men) to channel their strengths and valour into protecting the lives and properties of the country.

He said particularly during this electioneering year, macho men should not intimidate the populace by running around the various polling stations and fomenting trouble but rather be agents of change to enhance the democratic credentials of the country.

Nana Boakye told the Ghana News Agency in an interview at Takoradi that the over 6500 members of the association have resolved to ensure that the peace and tranquility the country enjoys is protected.

“No youthful macho man will be allowed to be used for perpetrating injustices and evil in society, we are set to fight injustice and uphold good and justice for all citizens and residents of Ghana,” he added.

He said the formation of the association was instigated by a report from the Centre for Strategic and International Studies based in the USA, which had predicted that the country could be plunged into chaos during the general elections.


In the report “Assessing Risks to Stability in Ghana,” dated June 2011 and directed by one Jennifer, the Centre noted that with the biometric voting system and other prevailing indicators, Ghana was likely to have some violence across the country.

Nana Boakye said it was that same institution that predicted the Rwandan, Kenya and Ivory Coast conflict and so their predictions must be taken seriously and worked at to sustain the peace the country was enjoying.

He said service to the nation should be on the agenda of all the political parties bearing in mind that “Ghana is bigger than any political party”.

Nana Boakye also called on the youths to stay away from violence adding, “When the politicians bribe you to fight, ask them to use their relatives”.**

Source: GNA