Politics Tue, 8 Mar 2016

Mahama To drown Akufo addo -With “Hope Tour”

In the face of the opposition’s vile and sometimes blasphemous statements on the blessings God has been showering on the country, President John Dramani Mahama, like the preacher-man, will soon touch base to a location near you to share the glory the Almighty has and continue to bestow on the nation.

Aside inspecting and commissioning some vital infrastructural projects across the length and breadth of the country, President John Mahama, will also be visiting markets, lorry parks, churches and mosques among others to propagate God’s favours on the nation and the government’s achievements.

The nationwide move-around dubbed “Hope Tour”, will offer the President the opportunity to make a strong case for his reelection and also meet NDC regional and constituency executives ahead of the crucial November 7 polls.

Like previous tours by the president, sources at the seat of government told The aL-hAJJ that, Mr John Mahama will take advantage of the impending tour to advance his “evidence-based-achievements” to dispel allegations by the opposition New Patriotic Party that his administration has failed woefully.

“President Mahama has been consistent in telling Ghanaians that while he may not have transformed the nation into paradise, some remarkable achievements have been made under his administration. And that is what he sought to showcase to Ghanaians during his address in parliament recently... But as usual, the NPP and its followers are fighting hard to rubbish these achievements so His Excellency will take advantage of the hope tour to visit the communities that we have these projects,” a source told The aL-hAJJ.

Adding that “God has been kind to us as a nation and we ought to be grateful for that…considering the challenges that we faced as a country and having been able to surmount some of them which have resulted in the success story of this administration, the best we can do is to give thanks to God. The hope tour is not only to showcase the president’s achievements but also to confer with the various religious sects and traditional authorities across the country.”


President Mahama in a recent response to Nana Akufo-Addo’s description of his display of his achievement as “an embarrassing display” said while it was the 2016 NPP flag bearer’s democratic right to criticize government policies; it was wrong for him to minimize the achievements of government in the last three years.

“The most important fact about the transformative stories I shared last week, the most fundamental truth about them is that they are not my achievements, they are our achievements! They are Ghana’s achievements!” the President wrote in a Facebook post.

Nana Akufo-Addo and his men have in recent times described the Mahama government as a failure and underserving of a second term after the November 7 polls. Ironically, the opposition party has shifted from tagging government as having nothing to show as achievement to, inflating the cost of projects it has embarked on.

But a senior staff at the Flag Staff House told The aL-hAJJ “when the president begins the hope tour, we shall see if Nana Akufo-Addo and his NPP will have something to campaign on. They started that we have achieve nothing…when the president shocked them with our achievements during the state of nation address, they have now shifted the goal post that we have bloated project figures.”

The smiling government official said “the NPP ‘ain’t’ seen nothing yet. The hope tour will expose all their lies…we will touch base with the various communities and the people themselves will tell Ghanaians how these projects are impacting on their lives. Nana Addo and the NPP should continue to live in their world of illusion.”

Source: aL-hAJJ