My next 'historic' government in 2021 will be 'in a hurry' – Mahama

Wed, 12 Dec 2018 Source: Class FM

Former president John Mahama has said his next administration in January 2019 will be one in a hurry since he will serve just a term.

At a meeting with 96 members of parliament of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) on Tuesday, 11 December 2018, Mr Mahama, who is one of eight flag bearer-aspirants of the party, said the NDC can make history in Ghana's politics by being the first party on whose ticket a former president gets re-elected.

"My brothers and sisters, I believe we can make history, and that is the history of the re-election of a person who was president before. It is a rare phenomenon", he told the lawmakers who have supported his campaign with GHS600,000 to pay his nomination and filing fees of GHS320,000.

"I believe the NDC will write a page in the history books of Ghana with the re-election of a person who has been president before", Mr Mahama noted, adding that the prospects of the NDC winning the 2020 elections "are very bright".

"When I do get elected", Mr Mahama said, "It will be for just one term, and, so, it must be an administration that hits the ground running, and, so, a lot of the strategy and preparations must be done in advance of January 7, 2021, because that will be a government in a hurry".

According to him, "...That's the history of NDC: We always have to do the heavy-lifting and then when we have done the heavy-lifting, things are stable, then these our opponents come in and then they enjoy a free ride and take us back to where we came from".

Source: Class FM
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