Politics Mon, 31 Jul 2006

NCCE Officer calls for more education on local governance

Wassa-Akropong (W/R), July 31, GNA - An official of the National Commission on Civic Education (NCCE) on Monday said efforts to reduce poverty would be delayed unless majority of the people understood the district assembly concept and participated in local governance. Mr Bernard Blay of the Wassa Amenfi East District office of the NCCE said district assemblies were not only supposed to be "small parliaments" to enhance decentralization, but also a "ware house" for ideas to enhance poverty reduction at the grass roots level. Mr Blay told the GNA in an interview "We must also change our attitude towards work and time management if we really want to break the chain of poverty."

He expressed disappointment with some assembly members for their inability to meet the people to know their problems and present them to the district assembly for solutions.


The NCCE Officer suggested that the payment of the Member of Parliament's Common Fund must be stopped and rather the assemblies should retain it.

They will use it to initiate community-based projects geared towards job creation and poverty reduction. 31 July 06

Source: GNA