Politics Sun, 4 Jun 1995

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NCP to withdraw from Alliance

The national executive committee of the National Convention Party [NCP] has resolved to withdraw the NCP from the alliance embracing the NDC [National Democratic Congress], NCP and Egle Party. The decision was taken at the NCP's third session held in Accra recently, according to BBC world service.

The NCP entered into the Progressive Alliance in 1992 with the aim of ensuring that the progressive forces won the election for the purpose of guaranteeing stability, national cohesion and development. After entering into this alliance, the NCP endeavoured to defend its stand by making its voice heard in the deliberation of the ruling coalition. But for some months now there hasn't been the desired relation between members of the alliance and this has given way to calls by some members for the abrogation of the alliance...

The meeting reviewed developments and events concerning the party since its last session. A communique adopted at the end of the meeting was read by the national chairman of the NCP, Mr Roland Arthur-Kesson:

[Arthur-Kesson - recording, broadcast in progress] - and frank exchange of views, the national executive committee came to the conclusion that within the framework of the Progressive Alliance, the NDC has severely and cynically ignored the participation by the NCP in the governance of the country, contrary to the mandate the parties of the alliance set from the election in 1992.

This attitude was most basically felt in the vital sphere of the planning and [words indistinct] of socioeconomic agenda to many [words indistinct]. It was also evident that there were forces with great influence within the NDC leadership which were implacably hostile to the NCP, a hostility concocted through personal animosity and an inadequate understanding of the clear purpose and intentions of the alliance.

On the economic and social front, the committee came to the sad conclusion that the government has drifted away from the problems of a socially just society into all the iniquities of the capitalist market economy. Ghana no longer [words indistinct] and the government has [word indistinct] the interest of its own people to those of international capitalism [applause].

In sum, the original intention and projection for the alliance has now been adulterated and the national executive committee has resolved to withdraw the NCP from the Progressive Alliance [End of recording]

According to Mr Arthur-Kesson, this resolution will be presented to the next national congress of the party for endorsement and ratification.

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