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NDC 2020: Kick out current executives; maintain Mahama – Victor Smith

Ghana’s former High Commissioner to the UK, Victor Smith has asked party faithfuls to vote out all the current crop of executives that disappointed the party at the last polls in the next congress.

He said the party can get onto its feet again, if there is a complete overhaul of the opposition NDC party machinery to make it more effective and responsive.

According to him, following the humiliating defeat of the party in the last elections, the stables had to be cleaned to pave way for fresh crop of dedicated servants to handle the affairs of the party and get it out of the woods.

Speaking to Accra-based Citi FM, Mr. Victor Smith however said President Mahama ought to be maintained for the 2020 agenda.

“To be frank with you, I think there’s got to be a changing of guard. We should change the guard. Closing the whole guard, they should start with some die hard selfless people. They should just clean the stables, introduce some die hard selfless people to take this party from where we find ourselves.”


“As we want to be the ones in the driving seat in 2020, I say to you, our best bet is the one we put out there already, but there were some hiccups,” he said.

Opposition NDC is fixing the troubles that afflicted the party in the last polls.

The 13-member committee, chaired by Prof Kwesi Botchwey is yet to present an obvious and undeniable diagnosis of the NDC problems.

But even before the final report of the committee is submitted, some party bigwigs have started jostling for the front seat to lead the party in the 2020 agenda.

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