Politics Thu, 31 Jan 2008

NDC Accuses Internal Anti-Mills Mafia

Since the NDC has ever smelt an elephant when there were only umbrella?s, it would sound natural for them to this time around accused the New Patriotic Party (NPP) of being behind yesterday?s pronouncements by NDC Member of Parliament (MP) for Lower Manya, Michael Teye Nyaunu, that the NDC flagbearer, Professor J. E. A. Mills should be replaced as the party?s flag bearer.

To the contrary, however, a special assistant to Prof. Mills? Campaign team, in-charge of Muslims and Zongo communities, Alhaji Babalamin Abu Sadat, has said bluntly that the NPP has no hand in Mr. Nyaunu?s pronouncements.Speaking to The Independent newspaper in an interview, Alhaji Sadat accused Mr. Nyaunu of being part of an NDC mafia that is trying to sponsor the replacement of Prof. Mills as the party?s flagbearer on health grounds.

?There are some big, big, big fishes behind this and Hon. Nyaunu has only exposed himself. At the right time, the names of the rest will be out,? Alhaji Sadat said. He stressed that the NPP has no hand in this, so should be left out.?The NDC has the chance of winning the 2008 election with a united front, hard work and a little money. We don?t need money to win the elections, it is our opponents who need plenty money to win the election,? Alhaji Sadat said. He added that it will be easier for Prof. Mills to win the December election than whoever that ?splinter? group within the NDC has in mind.

?Mills is strong to lead the nation for the four years he will lead Ghana should he win the December elections and for another four years, should his mandate be renewed by the electorate,? he affirmed. According to the Special Assistant, Prof. Mills has no black spots in his character, neither has the NPP or opponents within the NDC anything to nail Prof. Mills, hence the negative campaign on his health. He said, though he contested the NDC primary in Awutu-Senya and lost to David Nana Larbi, he is still working for Mr. Larbi to win the seat in December. Other members of the NDC have argued that, falling ill is part of being human, so there is no point in making issues out of Prof. Mill? ?health status.

Source: Independent