Politics Mon, 26 Nov 2007

NDC Poised To Snatch Obuasi Seat

Mr. Alexander Ackon, A 49 year old Plant Maintenance Coordinator at Anglogold Ashanti in Obuasi, who is also the NDC parliamentary candidate, has noted that with his high level of exposure and wonderful relationship with the generality of the youth as well as various social groups in the Obuasi constituency, he is more than convinced that he will deliver the Obuasi parliamentary seat for the NDC.

"Even though it is obvious that the NPP will exploit its incumbency advantage, I can confidently say that it will not pose a problem to my bid to wrest the seat from them because of the level of work done so far, my popularity and the confidence the people have in me.

Mr. Ackon who is also the President of the Obuasi Secondary Technical old students Association and a member of the Board of Directors of the school, noted that the Obuasi constituency faces numerous challenges, a situation which calls for someone with the capacity to well articulate in parliament the problems on behalf of the people and help solve them.

He mentioned massive cuts in labour since Anglogold Ashanti took over from AGC. Thousands of workers are being laid off adding to the high level of unemployment in the constituency.

Mr Ackon said that while in opposition, the NPP promised Galamsey operators, that a place would be allocated for them when the party wins power but their situation has rather worsen consequently leading to the death of many of them.


"The people are dying through Galamsey operations but no one seems to care even though this should be a matter of national concern. I am well placed to champion the cause of all these people and other vulnerable folks when I win the mandate of the people, he stated

Mr Ackon was a director of the former Goldfields Sporting Club and is currently a social commentator on Shaft FM. He also chairs numerous functions in the Obuasi Municipality and beyond.

He told the Lens that noble and influential persons in Obuasi including the youth had for years now been appealing to him to contest the Obuasi seat. He said even though, in the past he was not ready, he thinks the time has come for him to pay heed to popular request of the people.

Politics in Ghana is shifting from mere dogmatism to the identification of personalities with the ability to deliver. He called for a level playing field to ensure a peaceful election in the constituency. "The will of the broad masses must be respected at all times," he stressed.

Source: Lens