Politics Sat, 26 Apr 2014

NDC boys fight over PRO job

The latest re-shuffle by President John Dramani Mahama has brought so much tension to the Ashanti Regional Coordinating Council (RCC) as two National Democratic Congress (NDC) members—Clement Kegeri and Francis Dodovi—jostle for the position of Public Relations Officer (PRO) of Hon. Samuel Sarpong, who resumed his position as Regional Minister last month (March).

The tension between the two has been dire to the extent that not only workers of RCC are afraid but the minister himself is said to be confused as to whom he should appoint as his spokesperson and special aide.

The regional office, according to grapevine sources, is divided into factions for or against these two persons.

Even though there is an office specifically created to see to the communication of the minister and the RCC, none of the two contestants stay in that office as they are always found at the door of the regional minister’s office.

That situation, according to our sources, has greatly affected the output of Mr. Sarpong as he is said to be afraid to step on any of these two gentlemen’s toes.

Francis Dodovi, according to our sources, is connected to the presidency as his father is a very good friend of President John Dramani Mahama.


He was also the spokesperson of the former regional Minister, Eric Opoku, while Clement Kegeri has been a long-time spokesperson and aide of Mr. Sarpong since his days as Mayor of Kumasi and Central Regional Minister.

Our source at the office of the minister who is scared at what seems like ‘juju’ undertone on the whole controversy, said ‘now we do not know where to step and where not to because if you don’t take care you will step on juju meant for somebody and something may happen to you.’

He added that ‘this may even account for the minister’s inability to choose one of them; he himself has been confused by the spiritual and physical war going on here.’

The situation reminds workers of RCC of a similar turf war between Sebastein Odoom and Ernest Brogya Gyenfi at the same office during the time of Hon. Opoku Manu which, they alleged resulted in the death of Mr. Odoom.

‘What we pray for now’, our source noted, ‘is that Hon. Sarpong will quickly decide on which of these two should go and which of them would stay.”

Source: todaygh.com