NDC leaders are wicked; they’ve ditched us – Party serial callers lament

Yahuza 2 Yahuza, Suhum based NDC serial caller

Fri, 24 Feb 2017 Source: kasapafmonline.com

Unofficial communicators for the opposition National Democratic Congres (NDC) popularly called ‘Serial Callers’ are angry at leadership of the party for ditching them.

They accuse the leaders of not caring about their welfare after they sacrificed their hard earned money, time and energy to propagate the good message of the party on the various radio stations across the country.

They single out Hon. Samuel Ofosu Ampofo who after the party lost the 2016 election held a get-together for them and the former Chief of Staff, Julius Debrah who’s catering for a few of them as the only leading members of the NDC who have shown interest in the affairs of serial callers.

According to them, even though they’ve made several appeals for support from the party, the national executives have failed to supply them with mobile phone units with which they can call into radio stations to push the NDC agenda, adding that they are left on their own to buy their airtime.

One of such popular NDC serial callers, Suhum based, Yahuza in an interview on Anopa Kasapa Friday stated that most of the former ministers of state even while in office were very stingy and have not changed in opposition.

He recountered an instance where a party bigwig deceived a female serial caller by issuing her a bounced cheque to cash money.

“Rose is a seamstress, who uses an old hand sewing machine which makes a lot of noise for her business. She saw an NDC bigman and asked him to assit her buy a new sewing machine. You know what…the man gave her a fake cheque, a happy Rose went to the bank to cash the money only to be told that it was fake. Why do they treat us this way. If they do this to us, why won’t God punish them.”

Yahuza, continued: “One will have to make a lot of noise on air before the bigmen will call you for something small… how much is credit, now that we are in opposition, some of us will not go the smooth way…they can’t tell us that just two months in opposition, they are cash strapped when they opened up big businesses. They should call us now, or we shall go the rough way. We’re pained by the defeat we’ve suffered at the elections.”

He added: I once met Dr Omane Boamah in Koforidua and introduced myself to him as Yahuza, the NDC serial caller…all he said to me is yea and he moved on, can the word ‘yea’ buy credit onto my phone to continue to defend the party. I’ve never seen a party whose leaders are as wicked as NDC leaders.

Source: kasapafmonline.com