NDC never invented Corruption - Justice Dansu Norvor

Mon, 1 Dec 2014 Source: Dansu Norvor

Young activist of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) Justice Dansu Norvor has bemoaned the constant strikes and alleged corruption cases which have bedeviled the nation as posing serious concerns on the conventional Ghanaian patriotism which has become our identity. According to the NDC youth activist, Ghanaians are revered all over the world as very nationalistic and patriotic people with deep sense of national pride and ownership, however, corruption and labor agitations for better pay and working conditions have eroded our globally acclaimed mentality. "We are gradually losing our Ghanaian identity with the constant labor strikes and endemic corruption at high places. Ghanaians are no longer willing to sacrifice for the national course," he said. Dansu Norvor said, corruption and misappropriation of public funds by public officials without the deference to the rule of law for such crimes has resulted in civil servants and labor unions also demanding excessively from government. "There is a sense of believe among labor unions that, if politicians can embezzle government funds with impunity, then there is more in government coffers for civil servants to be paid higher wages".

In an interview with the al- Hajj, Justice Dansu Norvor posited that the best way government can stop future labor agitations is when we make corruption unattractive. "We as a country must reconsider revising the laws on public financial management so as to make public officials accountable to the people. Our anti-corruption institutions have become political stooges to the highest bidder so the most powerful and affluent will continue to deplete our national coffers without any recourse to the rule of law" Mr. Norvor noted.

The young activist who has been a strong advocate for reforms in the NDC, said in as much as President Mahama is personally leading the fight against corruption, more needs to be done to make the practice unattractive. "Our citizens want to see corrupt officials face justice, and stolen monies retrieved from them. If we continue fighting corruption without people been prosecuted, then we are being hypocritical and if this situation continues, Ghana will become a breeding ground for 'biological criminals' because the youth, our next generation are watching," he argued.

The one time secretary of the Young Democrats however noted that, the current fight against corruption is over-politicized arguing that, the canker has been made to look as though the current NDC government invented corruption. Mr. Norvor argued that the fact the late Prof. Attah Mills failed to prosecute corrupt officials of the John Kuffour government for the sake of national peace does not translate to mean they were not corrupt. It is therefore our civil responsibility as citizens to call for stiffer public financial management laws and a stronger and an independent anti-corruption institution so we can fight this common enemy.

Commenting on parliament's decision to purchase Chinese furniture, the NDC youth activist averred that, it is a slap in the face of the nation and a further loss of our identity and heritage. It is evil to note that when President Mahama and his Trade Minister, Dr. Ekwow Spio-Garbrah are making a strong case for the use of made in Ghana goods, the highest representative arm of the state will seek to economically sabotage the local industry and the salient effort of President Mahama and Dr. Spio Garbrah. "If someone has benefitted from economic rent of buying from China, the sins of Ghanaians will be on their head and their conscience will never be free until they confess" he declared. "Instead of resorting to the media, it may be time religious leaders declare 3 days of national fast and prayers for the nation so the wrath of God will visit those who are stealing from the state. Maybe, they will fear God," he also added.

Source: Dansu Norvor

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