Politics Fri, 21 Jul 1995

NDC organiser was nearly slapped

Mr Obeng Nyamekye, an activist and organiser for the NDC in Tarkwa Zone 9 in Kumasi, recently expressed his personal sentiments and worry about the current economic hardship in the country and called on the govt of President Rawlings to sit up and do something immediately to win back the confidence of the people.

Narrating his own story to the Pioneer, he said that matters were getting worse with the NDC supporters in his Zone. "I was nearly slapped by a woman who claimed that she was fed up with affairs as she finds life now unbearable".

"Some of us have been followers of the P/NDC for all these years and we are not seeing any ray of hope of a better future. ... I wish I could see the President personally to air my feelings", he said.

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