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NDC school won't train ‘indoctrinated political robots’ - Mahama

Former President John Dramani Mahama has stated that the newly established Ghana Institute of Social Democracy (GISD) is not aimed at training indoctrinated political robots for the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The former President made the comment at the maiden lecture of the first intake of students of the GISD at the headquarters of the NDC earlier today (Friday).

President' s Mahama's comment follows negative public sentiments that the NDC's institution is aimed at creating political fanatics who will blindly promote the agenda of the party.

According to former President Mahama, “contrary to widespread perception, an institution like this is for indoctrinating people; it is not where one goes to be brainwashed to become ideological robots of a political party… if you look at the curriculum of the ideological Institute, it contains programs of leadership, how to lead in a community, it also contains programs of party activism and also programs of community self-help, nationalism, and patriotism.”

He added that the institute will not only train the national cadres of the party but also to let them understand the underpinnings of the NDC so as to disseminate its good policies and programmes.

Mr Mahama also asserted under the previous NDC administration, Ghanaians moved from the low-income status to the middle -income status adding that most businesses prospered under the NDC.

The one -term President said he still remains a true and committed member of the opposition NDC.

Source: Atinka Online
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