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Tue, 24 Jan 2017 Source: Ultimatefmonline

Two constituency executives of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Bole-Bamboi Constituency of the Northern Region have been accused by youth of the party for extortion, promising their victims the position of District Chief Executive (DCE).

The Constituency Chairman Zakaria Sulemana and his Secretary Chief Abdulai Iddrisu are alleged to be taking between GH¢ 200 and GH¢250 from prospective DCE candidates under the guise of processing their application forms to the regional secretariat of the party.

A leader of the group Harisu Abudulai alleged that the two managed to forge the letterhead and signature of the Bolewuras` (Bole chief) and wrote a letter in favour of Ibrahim Abdulai for consideration as DCE to the region .

“The Bolewura has denied any knowledge of such a letter. Interestingly the said Ibrahim Abdulai is the younger brother of the constituency secretary. The constituency secretary was installed chief of Wakawaka in November 2014 and instead of resigning his post as secretary as stipulated by law, he still currently engages in active politics and perpetuating such crimes to serve his personal and parochial interest”, he stated.

According to the youth, the two party leaders campaigned against the 2016 parliamentary candidate leading to the abysmal performance in some polling stations and therefore have no moral right to determine who is considered a DCE for the area.

“A good example of where this diabolic crime was executed is the Wakawaka township and Letiegbere polling stations where NPP overwhelmingly won in 2008 and 2012 when the secretary was not yet chief of the area. To our utmost surprise, the tables overturned in 2016 when the secretary was then chief. At the Wakawaka polling station NPP got only 39 votes and NDC had 104 whiles at Letiegbere, NPP had 39 again and NDC got 94. In fact, the 2016 parliamentary candidate (Madam Veronica Alelefule) was told in her face by the constituency secretary he was going to campaign against her. The above results is a clear outcome of what the two officers who are supposed to seek the welfare and growth of the party rather did beyond all imaginations”

The two officials when reached for their comments denied the claims of the youth indicating that they have not extorted any money from anyone or squandered party funds. They challenged anyone who is accusing them of engaging in such acts to provide evidence or forever remain quiet.

Source: Ultimatefmonline
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