NPP Youth declares support for Richard Ahiagbah as General Secretary

Richard Ahiagbah Aspiring General Secretary of NPP, Richard Ahiagbah

Sat, 27 Jan 2018 Source: Ananpansah B Abraham

Burma Camp Network,a well recognized and active youth group of the ruling NPP in Tamale in the Northern Region of Ghana has declared total support for aspiring General Secretary of the party, Richard Ahiagbah.

The group which says it has never supported a losing candidate,believes Richard is the right man for the job.

Speaking on behalf of the group in a meeting held at the party's office in Aboabu in Tamale,Abdul Jaleel,the leader of the group reiterated that they will be doing a great harm to the NPP if they don't support the candidature of Richard Ahiagbah.

According to him,the group first met the aspiring general secretary during the extraordinary national delegates conference of the NPP held in Kumasi.And his remarkable leadership caught their attention so they decided to welcome and throw their support behind him.They are even ready to support him outside the region at no cost because he must win for NPP to secure victory in 2020. They also expressed delight in the fact that,he is making time to visit them unlike others who will sit at the top and wait few days to the election,then they come with money and gifts just to deceive and buy the conscience of the people.

"Burma Camp members met hon.Ahiagbah when we had the opportunity to attend the extraordinary national delegates conference in Kumasi.We held a meeting with him and after assessing him,promised to throw our support behind him.We will be doing a great harm to our party if we don't support him to victory.We have never supported a losing candidate.And we are ready to support you even outside this region".Abdul Jaleel said.

Speaking at the same meeting,the Northern Regional Director of Communications of the NPP, Abdul Latif challenged the general secretary hopeful not to forget the youth when he wins.Adding that most of them are jobless though graduates.He is jobless as well. Abdul Latif lauded the remarkable leadership of Richard Ahiagbah and maintained that if he fails to contest for the position of general secretary of the NPP, he is indirectly telling the party to lose in 2020.

He said,"Mr . Richard is the only person among the national executives who took me to his house when we were in Kumasi for the extraordinary delegates congress.He said,'you must know my house Abdul Latif. He is among those who drafted a document soon to be implemented to enhance the communication machinery of the party.If Mr.Richard does not contest, he is indirectly telling the party to lose the general elections come 2020".

The American and Ghanain based politician and current Communication Director of the Chicago Chapter of the party and a member of the NPP-USA communication team thanked the group.And said he is pursuing a grassroot campaign because he believes the grassroot must be given the opportunity.He believes leaders are holding privileged position.The power belong to the people and must come down to the people.

"I am here to serve.I want to leave a legacy.Time has come to change.The power must come down to the people it originally belong to.The grassroot should not just vote and others use their power for self interest.The politics of deception must be over.I am hopeful to make things better".The general secretary hopeful said amidst applause.

In an exclusive interview with Ghanaweb's Northern Regional Correspondent,the aspiring general secretary said he was going to outline his vision very soon.He is of the conviction that what the NPP need is the return of substantive democracy to promote and serve the interest of the grassroots.He stands for a new way forward.He said he has a grassroot vision of empowerment as an antidote to cure and restore or win the loyalty of the grassroots.

The team also visited and met with party executives in Tamale North and Sagerigu constituencies.

Source: Ananpansah B Abraham