Politics Tue, 20 Jun 2017

NPP executives must crack whip on irate Savelugu youth - Mensah-Korsah

Deputy Minister for Regional Reorganization and Development, Martin Adjei Mensah-Korsah is urging the Acting General Secretary for the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), John Boadu and other party executives to crack the whip on the irate youth of NPP in Savelugu.

According to him, though it is becoming one too many, the reported cases of some NPP activists openly kicking against nominees for the positions of DCEs and MCEs, the attitude of the youth of Savelugu leaves much to be desired.

“The attitude of the youth of Savelugu cannot be justified in anyway. If they didn’t like the person, the best point they should have stopped her was during confirmation. The Assembly members are from the town and if I can say to the very core, the Assembly members consist of both NPP and NDC members and they voted for the woman to get her confirmation,” he asserted.

“After all these steps, they are insisting they don’t agree. If the woman does not deserve it, before her confirmation, they had every right to campaign against her and to lobby against her,” he stressed.

Mr. Adjei Mensah-Korsah maintained that the woman has passed the stage of lobbying against her as any further agitation could be termed as sheer hatred.

“If the youth are shown the power of the law, they will be sober and it wouldn’t end up that way. The method they have chosen, they will not get solution to it; at best, they will be in trouble and if care is not taken, the appointing authority may not tolerate it anymore. They are giving us a bad name; giving us a bad press. It is not good and it is needless. Ghanaians are watching us and we cannot continue like this,” he fumed.

He again reminded the irate NPP youth of Savelugu that it is not only them who worked as others also worked hard for the party in a particular way.

“What they are doing is an embarrassment to the party and it is worrisome to the party. I expect John Boadu and Co to crack the whip; those with membership cards who misbehave in this manner should not be allowed to go on. Mr. Freddie Blay must crack the whip because nobody can be bigger than the party,” he charged.

Source: peacefmonline.com