Politics Tue, 11 Sep 2012

Nana Addo Confirms Sakara As The Best For Ghana

It was not surprising that when Dr. Abu Sakara opened the floor at IEA where presented his policies to the good people of Ghana,the only comment Ghanaians could make is that he (Sakara) was not cracking jokes.

Many Ghanaians reserved their comments since that was the first and none of the other candidates had presented their policies to the people at that time.

We in the CPP were of the conviction that we have the best policies and the best candidate needed to transform the fortunes of our country. This conviction which we in the CPP had for which reason we voted Dr. M. F. Abu Sakara to lead us to the December polls has been boosted by his outstanding performance at the IEA evening encounter.

It is no more a hidden fact that Sakara and the CPP have the best policies to move this nation forward.

After Alhasan Ayariga used the platform given him as a learning process, Akuffo- Addo used the platform to endorse Abu Sakara with his sub standard performance.

Nana Akuffo- Addo instead of laying down his policies as Sakara did to demonstrate to Ghanaians that he is ready to lead this nation, he (Nana Addo) demonstrated to Ghanaians that he is a good reader and not a man of ideas like Dr. Abu Sakara.


He used his vague statements to demonstrate that he is an expect in accusation. It is therefore not surprising that a party which just left government brought out a manifesto which can best be described as a "vague manifesto". It is a group of english alphabets, words and punctuation to make a beautiful easy. We will therefore want Ghanaians to be careful of demagogues. We should all be careful of empty promises.

Issah Abdul Salam

Regional director of communication


Ashanti region


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