Nathan Nkrumah Breaks Silence -Says Change is a must

Tue, 6 Dec 2016 Source: Adu Gyamfi

Son of the first president of Ghana, Dr Nathan Nkrumah, has indicated that there is a wind of change blowing across the four corners of the country and thus urged Ghanaians to embrace it to help bring the real transformation needed to better their lives.

According to him, there is absolutely no doubt or any denying that the great majority of Ghanaians are not enjoying their earthly life in trying to survive their uncertain daily chase due to serious ongoing and prolonged economic hardship.

He said the hardship facing Ghanaians is compounded by the lack of hope or any real prospect for change on the horizon for things to get much better or even to improve enough to make ends meet or find employment or help to start business or trade or any gainful legal available means to earn a living.

“So naturally, most Ghanaians crave change because they desperately need the change of their challenging unhappy circumstances and fortunes or misfortunes. They pray God day and night for change and they look up to him as they cannot realistically expect the state to open a door for them and to provide them with a real and sustainable way forward to change their life and turn their situation around for the better. Gone are the days of the first republic when our leader and founding father repeatedly spoke of and tirelessly worked for 'Work and Happiness' as a basic right for every Ghanaian, as what would be the value or the joy in having achieved our political independence but without having the economic independence or the means for all of our citizens to enjoy their life in peace and happiness?” he stated.

“So we must never fear change in itself, but we must rather thoughtfully and whole heartedly decide and desire to change for the sake of improving our living standards and conditions for millions of our suffering people not as a political gimmick but as a real and genuine objective to be desired, embraced and pursued by all of us Ghanaians including all of our politicians regardless of their ideology or politics at all times not only as rhetoric or campaign hype during election seasons. The question now would be what should be the nature of change which we must all seek and endeavor to achieve in Ghana? In my humble opinion Ghanaians must seek and embrace such a comprehensive inclusive change together by declaring war on all of our challenges and enemies of our progress that beset and blighted our development and progress as a nation and as people for the last fifty years of our existence,” he said.

Dr Nathan Nkrumah stressed that Ghanaians were dealt a serious body blow in February 1966 when the people lost their democratically elected government. “With that, we lost our way and our fast and real development and progress and ever since we also sadly lost our former leading role in Africa and in the World,”

“Though this is not about me or about my personal crusade to redeem or to save our suffering people it is all about Ghana and the best interest and welfare of all Ghanaians . I take this opportunity to humbly recommend that the leader of the party which will secure the highest number of votes on the 7th of December to call on all other political parties with a view to forming a united government of national unity to deliver that much needed and long desired change to best serve the interest of all Ghanaians without fear or favour to any group”.

. “Our people have suffered enough and have had enough. Enough is enough. So please fellow Ghanaians let us come together now and let us work sincerely together for once and let us show the world what we can do together by the grace of God when we are truly united and sincere”.

Despite our many shortcomings God has faithfully sustained us throughout our difficult years in the wilderness and God can surely see us through and He can take us to our promise land of a great and bright future for all Ghanaians. God bless Ghana,” he added.

Source: Adu Gyamfi