Politics Sun, 2 Dec 2018

Navrongo NDC pledges support for creative arts when they return to power

The Navrongo Central Constituency Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Dr. Selanwiah S. Mumin, has said the party will pay more attention to the development and growth of creative arts in the area when they return to power in 2020.

According to him, creative arts play a major role in the development of the country and “as a party that has always believed in development and has performed very well in that regard”, the NDC will give all that is essential to see an improvement.

Dr. Selanwiah, who said he is an ardent lover of arts, was speaking at the launch of the second edition of the Navrongo Town Awards, organized to acknowledge groups and individuals whose hard work has added to the development of the town.

“The NDC party as we all knows stands for development. We have always been for development and we have done so much to show in that regard. As a party that has always believed in development and has performed very well in that regard, we will, when we come to power, and which we will sure do, we will support the creative arts industry in Navrongo and the whole country to see an improvement. ”. Dr. Selanwiah assured, amidst cheering and jeering from the gathering.

The fittingly spoken politician, who was among dignitaries invited to the event, expressed the gratitude of the opposition party and thanked organizers for the invitation and for taking such a bold step in spite of all the hurdles faced in putting together the scheme. While calling for support for the award scheme, he noted that the creative arts industry is an area that needs the support all growth.

In the interim, Dr. Selanwiah says the party even in opposition will support, in their small way, all artistic activities in the town as a way of laying the foundation for stronger collaborations in the future.

He said; “Being in opposition will make it difficult for us to support hugely but we will do our best and support in our own small way as we await bigger things when NDC wins power”.

Source: Senyalah Castro