Politics Wed, 31 May 2006

No JJ Veto In NDC Anymore

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has urged all its Presidential aspirants to discount any speculated veto role attributed to the founding father, Flt. Lt. JJ. Rawlings, in the matter of choice of the NDC Presidential Candidate.

According to the chairman of the party, Dr Kwabena Adjei who addressed the media yesterday to officially launch the regulations for the election of 2008 NDC Presidential candidate said it may be instructive for all Ghanaians to know that the founding father himself, as an avowed upholder of the NDC constitution took active part in the formulation and approval of these guidelines at the first meeting of the National Executive Committee of the NDC held earlier this year.

Dr Kwabena Adjei also warned the rank and file of the party that no integral organ, institution, branch or structure of the NDC should on any account make a public declaration or issue a press statement in support of any of the Presidential aspirants.


?For the avoidance of doubt, no party executive member of any member at whatever level of the party should issue any public statement or make any public pronouncement which has the effect of committing the machinery and support of the party, party organ, institution, region, constituency, branch or any structure whatsoever to any of the aspirants.?

The Chairman of the party Dr Kwabena Adjei made the declaration at press conference yesterday where he officially read the regulations for the election of 2008 NDC presidential candidature. He further called on all National Executive committee members to desist from showing open and active support for any one Presidential candidate and also know that negative propaganda should never be directed at any Presidential aspirant.

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