Politics Mon, 5 Nov 2012

‘PPP WILL WIN…Mpohor-Wassa seat’

The presidential candidate of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, has expressed optimism about the party’s chances of winning the Mpohor Wassa parliamentary seat in the Western Region come Dec 7.

According to the PPP standard bearer, his optimism lies in the fact that the PPP is visible on the ground and its parliamentary candidate, Mrs. Mary Ankomah Boakye-Boateng, “is someone whom the people like and identify with.”

Dr. Nduom who was interacting with media personnel after his tour in the constituency hoped the party will increase its hold of other parliamentary seats in the country before the December 7 polls.

According to him, “this is not the only seat which I can predict we will win but a number of them across the country,” he hinted.

He continued that “the people are feeling the PPP and the NPP and the NDC know it…but are trying to tell the people that if you vote for the PPP you are wasting your vote” an assertion he vehemently disputed.

Dr. Nduom who started his campaign tour of the constituency at Ango-Manso and ended in Anum-Dominase appealed to voters to vote for the PPP for a transformation in their lives.


He promised that the PPP on assumption of power will help transform the Ango-Manso community which has been denied of development since the beginning of the Fourth Republic.

“We are aware of the problems in this community which span from bad road infrastructure to poor educational facilities and we can assure Nana and the indigenes of Manso that a PPP government would see to the provision of all these and a health centre when we come to power….”

The Gyaasehene of Manso, Nana Kwadwo Tanor, who spoke on behalf of the chief, Nana Ketekyere, appealed to the PPP parliamentary candidate to “come to re-do the good things you did for this community when you were our Member of Parliament from 1992-1996.”

Mrs. Ankomah Boakye-Boateng also appealed to the chiefs to help communicate the history of her achievements in the constituency to the youth of the community.

“I urge you to tell them the story of how without an MP’s Common Fund and other benefits which other parliamentarians are enjoying now I managed to establish an educational fund and other laudable projects…and base on this to vote for the person who always comes to your aid in times of trouble,” she said.


The team also went to Adum-Banso where it inaugurated polling station executives with a call on them to work to spread the PPP’s message on quality healthcare, job creation and free, compulsory, continuous quality education from kindergarten to senior high school.

The entire Adum-Dominase community was once again alive when the PPP team after travelling on a five-kilometre dusty road from Ango-Manso through the Benso Oil Palm Plantation arrived at the community.

Numbering about a thousand, the ecstatic indigenes met the PPP delegation at the outskirts of the town and ushered them into the birth-place of Mrs. Ankomah Boakye-Boateng where a grand durbur awaited Dr. Nduom.

The chief of Dominase, Nana Kofi Adusei II, encouraged voters in the community to work assiduously to ensure that “our daughter [Mrs. Ankomah Boakye-Boateng] wins the constituency.”

Dr. Nduom, who later introduced Mrs. Boakye-Boateng as an entrepreneur and a great achiever, also called on the people to ensure none of their votes go wasted.


“A change of infrastructure for the best only comes with an election of a candidate with principles and conviction who has demonstrated in her private life as someone willing and able to work…,” he added.

Mrs. Boakye-Boateng also appealed to her people to vote for her as a person who has contributed her quota towards the development of the community.

She argued that “if I can deliver with meager resources, then you can be assured of a massive transformation when I am re-elected as the Member of Parliament for Mpohor-Wassa.

“Let us work and ensure that the true meaning of ‘Ade Papa Wo fie a, oye’ is realised in this election…,” she concluded.

Source: todaygh