PPP to Hold Mammoth

Mon, 29 Aug 2016 Source: William Dowokpor

The Progressive People's Party (PPP) will hold a mammoth national rally at the Kanda Schools Park, Nima 441, near Kawokudi Junction in Accra on Saturday September 17, 2016 at 10am prompt.

Structured to bring together thousands of supporters and sympathizers, the rally will focus on the wasted vote phenomenon. The "wasted votes" perception has been one of the weapons in the arsenals of the NDC and NPP against alternative parties like the PPP in the Ghanaian electoral space.

The national rally will be used as a platform to explain to the Ghanaian electorate what a wasted vote really is and why a vote for the duopoly is rather the wasted vote, as promises they made for previous votes in their favour have not been delivered.

Speakers at the rally will include the Presidential Candidate and his Running Mate, the National Chairman, National Secretary, Youth and Women Coordinators, Presidential Policy Team (PPT) members, Parliamentary Candidates and politicians who have defected from NDC, NPP and CPP to join the PPP.

Speaker after speaker; will be expected to make the case why a vote for the incumbent NDC is a wasted vote and why a vote for competent incorruptible leadership, education, preventive health care and jobs, which are the PPP's canons for governance, constitute valuable vote.

It is expected that the "Don't Waste Your Vote" national rally will expose the incumbent as the vote wasters and turn around the perception in favour of the alternative PPP.


William Dowokpor

Convener, Don't Waste Your Vote National Rally.

Tel: 0243588422 E-Mail: billdowokpor@gmail.com

Source: William Dowokpor