Politics Wed, 10 Sep 2008

Physically disabled appeals for considerations during election

Akim Oda (E/R), Sept. 10, GNA - Mr Joseph Adu-Boampong, National President of the Ghana Society of the Physically Disabled, has expressed regretted that the physically challenged did not often get the enabling environment for voting during elections.

This, he explained was because provisions were often not made for members to have easy access to campaign grounds and neither do authorities make room for them to vote. He said some of the places where voting took place, required that voters climbed staircase and the like, without any provision for the physically disables.


Mr Adu-Boampong said the association expects political parties to provide interpreters for the deaf at their rallies, so that the deaf would not only join the crowd to clap without hearing the message. He also expressed the hope that provisions would be made for the physically challenged in the upcoming elections. The National President urged members to endeavour to vote massively during this year's presidential and parliamentary elections, adding that members should comport themselves and leave scenes where violence would erupt at rallies. 10 Sept. 08

Source: GNA