Politics Sun, 22 Jan 2012

Re-Birth Of The PNC Beckons!

We remember January 23, 1998 with sad and nostalgic memories of the departure from our mists, President Hilla Limann. Fourteen years down memory lane, on the 23rd of January, the People’s National Convention (the party he founded) would be born anew. It’s re-birth would either propel this great Nkrumahist party into unprecedented political heights and restore hope to the Ghanaian, or leave the party in a political wilderness where its morale will be shattered and core values of Honesty, Sincerity, unity, progress and meaningful development thrown into abyss.

The significance of this date, 23rd January, in the belief of the current party leadership, is not a mere co-incidence but an appointment with destiny. The date marks the 14th anniversary of the death of Dr. Hilla Limann, President of the 3rd Republic and last true Nkrumahist leader. This day also is the appointed date for the pronouncement of judgment and possible final determination of the case brought against the Party and its leadership at the High Court.

For all true Nkrumahists and well-meaning PNC members, the day should be marked in sober and deep reflection on what each one of us can do in living the PNC dream – a dream at whose very core is the commitment to the progressive development and socio-economic improvement in the lives of all Ghanaians under the able leadership of a PNC-led government.

It is a day for healing of wounds, forging new ties, stamping out destructive tendencies, and remembering our individual and collective role in continuing the sacrifices made by our forebears. Certainly, 23rd January should not be lost on us.


Our re-birth is on the horizon. Arise, all faithful PNC members in deciding our collective good and future. Posterity awaits us!!!

Accra, 20th January, 2012

Bernard A Mornah

General Secretary

Source: Bernard A Mornah