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Rededicate yourselves to the service of NPP - Daniel Korsina

Former Constituency Chairman and former Parliamentary Candidate of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Biakoye of the Volta Region, Hon. Daniel Korsina, has charged members of the party especially, executives, to eschew divisiveness and be united and committed to the course of government.

“Let us join hands together to rededicate ourselves to the service of our Constituency and our country and to the unity of our people; let us heal our wounds, and let us together restore the faith and confidence of our people. Let us restore faith and confidence in our leadership and in our governance,” he said.

Hon. Korsina was addressing the Biakoye Constituency delegates’ conference at Tapa-Amanfrom, where he called on members of the party to stand united and focused.

The conference was held was in line with the party’s constitution which mandates executives to hold a conference four weeks to the party’s Regional Congress to meet and discuss party matters and as well, deliberate on the state of affairs of the party in preparation towards its regional and national congress.

According to him, executives as well as other members of the party in the constituency have done creditably well in the last elections and urged them to continue in that spirit, not forgetting to work closely with other members of other political parties, educating them about the NPP policies and programs in order to win the hearts of floating voters.

He believes that the party must begin selling its policies to the people to understand that, none of its promises are untenable.


“Look, our promises are all feasible and we will achieve every single promise we made to the people of Ghana. But much depends on us as party members, executives to make the people aware that, our free SHS policy is feasible, one-district-one-factory is feasible. We can do them and they will be done,” he said.

Mr. Daniel Korsina who supported the event with his resources as way strengthening the party, also donated bags of fertilizers to constituency executives, coordinators and polling stations executives in the best five (5) Traditional areas, for the roles they played in the previous elections and for holding the party together.

On his part, the current Biakoye NPP Chairman, ImoroSuleiman also expressed appreciation to members and party executives in the constituency for their respective roles played to bring the party to power.

He thanked Daniel Korsina for supporting the conference with his resources and indicated that, Hon. Daniel Korsina’s contributions to the growth of the party during his time as Constituency Chairman and now has been tremendous and must be appreciated by all.

Chairman Imoro Suleiman said the enormous contributions of Daniel Korsina (former Chairman and former PC), need commendation and believes that the party owes him great gratitude for all the support he has given to the party.

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