Resounding And Overwhelming Endorsement For Alfred Donkor

Thu, 14 Jan 2016 Source: Seylah, Gilbert

The 12th of January 2016 will forever be seen as a landmark in the political history of Kpandai district. I have earlier on read an article concerning Mr. Alfred Donkor by one Ibrahim Hudu that the people of Kpandai have great affection and love for Alfred Donkor as the president’s nominee for the position of District Chief Executive for the area. Initially I was thinking it was one of the many political gimmicks hurriedly organized by some political interest groups within political parties. But I was proved wrong when the Kpandai assembly gave Mr. Alfred Donkor a resounding and overwhelming endorsement at the confirmation ceremony by the various electoral areas when out of thirty nine assembly men and women Mr. Alfred Donkor had thirty seven votes representing 94.87%.

I have now been converted as an agent of development for the area, since the newly elected district chief executive is a darling of all in the district. I have also been informed that he is a development specialist. I am a member of the district but I have not been so close to the newly elected DCE but from the looks of things Mr. Alfred Donkor stands very tall as somebody with the requisite knowledge, skill and know-how to run around for the development of the district.

I have not been particularly enthused by any political issues in my life but I am from hence tempted to believe in the statesmanship of the man of the moment Alfred Donkor the newly elected district executive for Kpandai.

But Mr. Alfred Donkor I have some worries to express here given the fact that you are a listening leader who believes in mass participation.Mr Alfred Donkor I want to appeal to you to make education an area of priority. For us to truly enjoy the full benefits of any given government it is important the leadership of the area invest more time and money into educating the people.Ofcourse education is very costly nowadays but it is my strong belief that with the kind of leader we have in the person of Alfred Donkor together with his listening ability I want to conclude that all will be well soon for the betterment of the Kpandai and its catchment areas.Mr Alfred Donkor the closest I came to you was when you were in the race in the 2012 election. I really respected your solid and unique mobilizational skills which in very many respects endeared you to almost all the constituents. It is no mistake therefore that the president in his wisdom and strategic thinking to recapture power come 2016 decided you but nobody but you Mr. Alfred Donkor should lead the mantle of leadership for the area, and like I said earlier, being a development specialist you know what education can do for the average person wherever he or she finds himself or herself since education is strong and undisputable equalizer for social reforms and national reconstruction.

My number two problem is the tackling of infrastructural development. We all know how bad the road network of the district is and I want to believe that you know what it is to have good communication through good road network across the district. There is a limit to what man can do but I trust that with you in the ‘driving seat’, we will overcome all in good record time.

The last but not the least is the area of health I want you to look very carefully so that when we have healthy society the district of Kpandai will truly see real development so we need to invest in the people of the district of which you are the leader working on behalf of the president of the republic.

For me to have added my voice to an earlier article concerning your sterling qualities and leadership skills, I am now inclined to believe it when Mr. Ibrahim Hudu mentioned that every Pito bar,chop bar mosques and churches hailed the announcement of your nomination as the DCE for the area and now that the good people of the area have given you an overwhelming and resounding endorsement of 94.87% approval, I am now a convert for the sake of development and I want to believe that all the doubting Thomases sitting on the fence will have a complete change of hearts and rally round you Mr. Alfred Donkor as the choice of the people and work assiduously for the good of our only Kpandai district.

Long live Ghana, long live the NDC long live the Kpandai district.

Name: Gilbert Seylah


Source: Seylah, Gilbert