Retaining Sowah Odotei will be disastrous for La Dadekotopon – Nyanyofio

Nyafio Nopp.jpeg Joseph Gerald Nyanyofio

Sun, 14 Jun 2020 Source: Richard Quaye, Contributor

Aspiring NPP parliamentary candidate for the La Dadekotopon Constituency, Gerald Joseph Tetteh Nyanyofio, has disclosed that retaining or voting for the incumbent, Vincent Sowah Odotei in the upcoming primaries slated for next week Saturday, June 20 would be disastrous to the fortunes of the constituency.

According to him, the actions and inactions of the MP has made him very unpopular and that it will be suicidal to attempt foisting him on the residents for another term.

''He has lost it. It will be difficult to market him since he doesn't have anything concrete or productive to show for his four-year mandate so far. ''

Addressing a packed crowd of delegates in the Adobetor Electoral Area amidst thunderous applause from the Delegates, Gerald Nyanyofio renewed his pledge and commitment to serve the constituency in humility and ensure he reunites everybody for Victory 2020.

Backed by almost all members of the constituency including all past executives, all the coordinators sympathetic to the party as well as majority of the party elders and opinion leaders in the constituency and displaying an epitome of absolute humility, Mr Nyanyofio told the delegates politics is vehicle for national development and he has always marveled how a resourceful constituency like La Dadekotopon with all the wealth at her disposal will continue to lack in development, especially in matters relating to the youth.

''All the Security Headquarters and installations are here, all the big embassies are here, the four and five star hotels are here and lastly but not the least the only International Airport in the country is here. What stops us from leveraging on the relationship to secure jobs or help our youth as other more competent members of Parliaments are doing in the various domains’, he queried.

Mr Nyanyofio lamented the only thing the incumbent can boast of is the provision of toilet facilities and distribution of DSTV dishes to some residents in the community.

''This is a shame. How can you boast of these as development as the teeming youth who enthusiastic supported you to come to power continue to suffer through lack of employment when they can see what their colleagues are benefitting from in the other sister constituencies ''.

Touting these as achievements are tantamount to direct insults to the populace so it becomes obvious that after struggling for 12 years to regain this seat we are on the verge of handling it over on a silver platter to NDC due to the crass incompetence and divisive nature of one person. We need to rally behind the elephant to rescue the situation, he emphasized.

Speaking at the function, Hon. Emmanuel Baah Nyarko, Assembly Member for Kaajaano Electoral Area reemphasized the revocation of the incumbent as a Deputy Minister in the President Nana Addo's government during the era of the Coronavirus Pandemic is a vote of no confidence from the presidency as such a vote cast for him would mean undermining the structures that brought the party to power.

Gerald Joseph Tetteh Nyanyofio is currently a lecturer at the Department of Business Administration, UPSA , lecturing in Public Administration, Business Management, Leadership, Business Policy and Strategy as well Poverty Wealth and Development and Organizational Behaviours.

As a lecturer he has been responsible for equipping students with knowledge for both public and private sector careers, as well as in research. He does this by bringing both his academic and professional experience to bear on his teaching and research abilities.

This experience he has promised to leverage to bring the necessary resources to effect the change in the face of the Constituency.

Source: Richard Quaye, Contributor
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