"Rule of law" 'obedient' NPP - stop the hyppocrisy: tema cadres

Wed, 30 Mar 2016 Source: Sakzeesi, Camillus Maalneriba-Tia

The Tema Regional Branch of the United Cadres Front of Ghana (UCF-GHANA), in the past one week, has observed that our dear country is going through issues bothering on National Security which has once again brought to fore our partisan best in seeing things on those lines.

The arrest, detention and subsequent granting of bail to the three former police officers from South Africa has generated a lot of controversy and hyppocrisy.

The taking back to custody of the accused by the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) in spite of the court granting bail is unfortunate/condemnable and the UCF-GHANA Tema branch does so in this release.

But it is unfortunate that when institutions of state act like the BNI has done, we jump the gun to blame the sitting President of the republic. We view these posturings as politically infantile for a democracy that has matured beyond the youthfull age of twenty and above.

We have heard the NPP's noisy allusion to the lack of "Rule-of-Law" in the mangement of the matter in discussion, insinuating Ghana is becoming a "POLICE STATE".

Much as we do not want to be making comparisons when it comes to issues of obedience to the law and for that matter the Judiciary, we are, this time round, more than tempted to do so because of the current HYPPOCRISY at play by the NPP.

These protagonists and HOLIER than THOU puritanists, have suddenly forgotten that in their eight-year they frustrated and removed some Public Servants, the notable one in the lot being Mr. Hodari Okine. A then Dep. Director of Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) was painfully removed without pointing out to him the crime/crimes he may have committed.

Being a believer in the "RULE OF LAW" the NPP is lousy about now, he sought redress in a "court of competent jurisdiction" which ruled in his favour - ordering his immediate re-instatement, restoration of his salary and the accumulated ones paid him.

For the number of years the NPP remained in office, they insultingly ignored the ruling of "a court of competent jurisdiction" till they left office, resuliting in a judgment debt.

These are the people who, INDEED, PRACTICE THE "RULE OF LAW".

We conclude by cautioning state agencies to be circumspect when it comes to dealing with the laws of the state by not acting negatively which sometimes exposes the ruling Party to public condemenations.


Camillus Maalneriba-Tia Sakzeesi

(Media/Communications Dept.)


Source: Sakzeesi, Camillus Maalneriba-Tia