Spio–Gabrah Fumes: No Rawlings, No NDC

Thu, 2 Aug 2012 Source: Steven Darko

Former Education Minister, Dr. Ekow Spio-Gabrah says it is important that President John Dramani Mahama unites the rank and file of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) as the party gears up for the December polls.

To Dr. Spio-Gabrah, the NDC has been polarized since it won the 2008 general election, insisting that President John Mahama must immediately bring onboard former President Rawlings to restore hope and complement his effort in sustaining power for the NDC.

He made the call on an Accra based radio station Thursday, when commenting on the death of President Mills.

"I think most Ghanaians will agree with me that Mr. Rawlings is a very strong campaigner. Let’s assume that the people who follow him are only 100,000 people and you won the last election by 50,000 votes, why would you forgo the 100,000 votes that President Rawlings could bring to your party?" he asked.

Though Dr. Spio-Gabrah was confident that President Mahama would be able to unite the party, he said it would largely depend on the kind of kitchen cabinet he decides to put together or listen to.

“… It depends on what kind of kitchen cabinet he decides to put together or listen to. He should also have his ears on the ground and make sure he is not cut-off from anybody who can help him,” he cautioned.

“There are people in the NDC who were thinking or are still thinking of forming a new party. All these are things the new President must move quickly, if he wants to get every single vote. Those who will say President Rawlings is not important in the NDC, they can win elections without him, all those comments were not helpful at all to NDC’s electoral fortunes,” he continued.

“In a political party, it is all those holding various positions which make the organization strong or weak. So it is rather awkward for any political party … to have a living founder and also who still happens to be constitutionally Chairman of its council of elders, and then some members of the party say we don’t need that person! ”

He advised President Mahama to be wary of people who pretend to play what he described as the “good-boy attitude” by reporting whatever business or projects his appointees are into.

“Some officials who are appointed and who think their business is to protect the President; and from their point of view protecting the President means preventing certain kind of documents and information from getting to him. And of course many of these people have their own agendas in such positions and often do not think of the national interest in their line of duty,” he added.**

Source: Steven Darko