Politics Tue, 22 May 2012

Statement: Office of the Parliamentary Candidate Okaikoi North


The Office of the NDC parliamentary candidate for Okaikoi North has observed a series of recent publications which seek to defame his personality and tarnish the image of the party.

The said publications, mainly in a couple of newspapers and radio stations, attribute their source of information to an alleged petition supposedly filed against the candidate, Andrew Okaikoi at the NDC Greater Accra Regional headquarters.

The continuous and repetitive nature of the defamatory and highly offensive publications makes it apparent that the reports are being motivated by persons with a malicious agenda and we therefore are compelled to respond and draw the attention of our respected friends of the media that they are being used by aggrieved persons to achieve a diabolic agenda.

We have no doubt that if our professional media friends would take just a little time to investigate the contents of the supposed petition, they would arrive at a conclusion that the allegations are baseless, cannot be substantiated and does not deserve space in the newspapers or airtime on radio.

We also want to remind the persons behind the publications that if they have a genuine concern, the candidate operates an open door policy and they are always welcome to table their concerns for open frank dialogue that would be mutually beneficial.

As members of the NDC, we must also not forget that our great party has laid down channels of addressing grievances and complaints and those laid down channels does not include moving from one media house to the other to defame peoples character and injure the party’s reputation. It also does not include giving political currency to our rivals in other political parties. It does not include fabricated allegations. It does not include lies.

It is our belief that the party has taken notice of the conduct of the said persons and would act according to the laws and regulations we have all agreed to respect.

We look forward to a more united front as we all work towards an electoral victory at both the parliamentary and presidential levels.


Andrew Okaikoi

Parliamentary Candidate


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