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Fri, 21 Oct 2016 Source: Greenbook Initiative Ghana

Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET), is one of the key components needed for the development of any nation especially the developing nations like Ghana.

Traditionally, this area of education has not received much attention and has been looked down-on, as one of the last resorts, should one fail to gain entry into University.

H.E John Dramani Mahama, through deep analysis and understanding of demand in the Jobs market, came to the realization that; Ghana’s social and economic trends, predicate the need for reforming and rebranding the TVET System.

He has so far made it one of his priority areas and ensured it receives the needed attention it deserves, to become an integral part of our Nation’s development.

$124 (Million US. Dollars) have been so far invested by the current government in the overhauling of 13 Technical Institutions with a new befitting office for COTVET.

Equally to make TVET attractive, the government in the last two years granted scholarship to 2,000 master craftsmen and 1,050 formal apprentices under the ‘Development of skills for industry project’– DSIP. This created space for young people to be equipped with needed skills to curtail rising unemployment.

Going into his next term of office, he has promised to appoint a Deputy Minister with primary responsibility for TVET and Technical education at all levels. Equally there will be the alignment of vocational training properly under the Ministry of Education for proper supervision.

He said from 2017 onward his government will continue the implementation of the Ghana TVET Voucher Project to support the training of 25,000 Master Craftsperson’s and apprentices in productive skills in the Volta, Greater Accra and Northern Regions.

The president will in his next term, ensure rebranding to kill the stigma associated with TVET as an avenue for supposed school drop-outs and less intelligent young people. Parents can then allow their wards with strong urge for TVET, to obtain skills without any resistance. This will go a long way to open up the space for youth ingenuity and inventions which is common in many developed nations.

30% of all the new community day SHS will be fitted with technical and vocational workshops and will serve as centres of excellence in TVET.

Additionally, the newly converted Polytechnics into Technical Universities, will not deviate from their core mandate of focusing on science and technology education.

Furthermore, the 2nd phase of the Skills Development Fund, providing grants to over 120 private sector businesses to upgrade skills, will continue to happen. This will bridge the link between TVET and industry practice.

The thought process that has gone into developing, upgrading and rebranding of Technical Vocational Education and Training only cements the truth that President John Dramani Mahama has Ghana’s youth at heart. Their place in the development agenda has not been forgotten.

Source: Greenbook Initiative Ghana
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