Tema Central MP has lost touch – Ebi Bright

Tue, 1 Nov 2016 Source: Class FM

The National Democratic Congress’ parliamentary candidate for Tema Central, Ebi Bright, has launched an attack on the incumbent MP for the area, Kofi Brako, describing him as someone who does not know the constituency.

According to her, Mr Brako does not really know the needs of his constituents because he has lost touch with them, a situation, she said, required that the incumbent is voted out to pave the way for her to give a true representation of the people in parliament.

Speaking in an interview with Class News, Ms Bright said: “Most of my time was spent in Tema Central, from the age of 10. I have basically been a resident completely in Tema Central. … This is a very personal race to me. I am one of the residents of Tema Central that does not want to be taken for granted any longer.”

“I like to say that Tema Central, where I grew up, that community has supported me and so it is actually my duty to give back to the community and interestingly enough, my training and my life experience and work experience have been in social work. Social work has many dimensions and social work is about caring for the people and trying to support them in their needs.

In my case, I have been a development communicator and as it so happens, in fact, the crux of our problems in Tema Central is that we do not have a voice, we do not have somebody who is speaking towards the development of the community. It is not only about speaking in parliament, it is also about speaking with the people because as much as you contribute to policy making, it is also your responsibility to bring it back down to the people and to communicate with them.

“And so it is a two-way communication responsibility – communicating within the constituency and taking that communications out and bringing the communications back to the constituency. The Member of Parliament is not on the ground, he is not communicating with the people. Obviously he has his own ideas about what Tema Central needs. Unfortunately he doesn’t live in Tema Central.”

Source: Class FM